HUM’s Guide on the Best Time to Take Supplements

Jessica Nelson, RDN, advises the best time to take supplements and other tips for optimal supplement efficacy.

Simply put, the best time to take supplements depends on which ones you choose. Many vitamins work better if you take them at specific times of day, with certain foods, and/or when combined with other vitamins and minerals.

Team HUM wants you to reap the best results, which you can do by taking your vitamins and supplements every day. However, know that developing a consistent supplement routine doesn’t have to be difficult. As a HUM nutritionist, my goal is to simplify this process as much as possible, so here’s your go-to guide on how best to take your vitamins.

How to Time Your Vitamins & Supplements

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Here are HUM products that have instructions specific to what time or part of the
day they’re most effective.


Gut Instinct: Our original probiotic is recommended to take on an empty stomach in the morning, upon waking up or about 30 minutes before breakfast.

Daily Cleanse: Formulated with green algae, herbs, and antioxidants, Daily Cleanse works to help clear the skin. Since Daily Cleanse contains matcha green tea, it’s best to take Daily Cleanse in the morning or early afternoon.

Turn Back Time: Helps get UV damage under control and supports the skin from free radicals. It’s worth noting that this HUM supplement also contains green tea, which may hinder sleep if taken later in the evening.


Ripped Rooster: You can take HUM’s fat-burning supplement twice daily with food. I recommend no later than morning and afternoon, as some ingredients may interfere with sleep. Additionally, it’s not necessary to take Ripped Rooster around the time you exercise, though you certainly can.

Raw Beauty: As more of a tip than a rule, we recommend recharging with Raw Beauty as a late-afternoon snack. It’s a great alternative to reaching for coffee or a high-calorie sugary treat to combat a midday slump. You can also use drink it in the morning for additional energy, metabolism, and skin support!


Mighty Night: To optimize sleep quality while renewing skin cells, take Mighty Night 20 minutes before bedtime.

Beauty zzZz: To help regulate your body’s internal clock and fall asleep faster, HUM recommends taking Beauty zzZz 20 minutes before bed on an empty stomach.

Skin Squad: It’s beneficial to take HUM’s pre+probiotic for clear skin 20 minutes after a meal. However, most people have difficulty remembering that time frame, so it’s just as good to take Skin Squad before bedtime or first thing in the morning if that’s easier for you to remember. The most important thing, of course, is to take it daily.

MealTime-Specific Supplements

The majority of HUM products can be taken any time of day and with food. However, there are some that need a bit more attention when it comes to timing along with meals. Here are a few in particular, plus the best time to take these supplements.

Skinny Bird: Skinny Bird is one of HUM’s weight management products. This product’s main ingredient is Caralluma Fimbriata, which curbs appetite to help you feel fuller faster. To help manage portions, take Skinny Bird 30 minutes before your three daily meals.

Flatter Me: HUM’s digestive enzyme supplement breaks down your meals’ macronutrients for better absorption and to minimize bloating. For best results, take one capsule before your two biggest meals of the day.

Moody Bird: The active ingredients in Moody Bird work best when taken separately throughout the day with food, which is why we recommend one capsule each AM and PM.

Food-Specific Supplements

In general, some vitamins and minerals will absorb better when you take it with food, and even more so when taken with the right types of food. For example, supplements that contain fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E, and K) such as HUM’s Red Carpet, OMG! Omega the Great, and Arctic Repair will all absorb better if you take it with a meal or snack containing fat, such as toast with peanut butter and yogurt. HUM’s Got Calcium is another food-specific example. You’ll absorb calcium more thoroughly if you take it with a meal or snack that contains citrus, like a glass of 100-percent orange juice. Similarly, since vitamin D3 helps the body absorb more calcium, our vegan vitamin D product Here Comes the Sun is great to pair with a calcium-rich snack or meal, such as a smoothie with frozen fruit and milk.

Other Quick Vitamin & Supplement Tips

Combining Multiple Supplements

Overall, my advice is to not overthink things and to keep it simple. Supplements that you should take with food can either be combined or spaced out across different meals. It really depends on what you prefer and find easiest. The same goes for supplements you can take with or without food. You can space them out if you desire, but it’s not necessary. And of course, for other HUM products not included in this roundup, simply follow the instructions in the text bubble on the side of the bottle.

For Stomach Sensitivities

If you have a sensitive stomach, I recommend taking supplements with a light snack (crackers are a great option) regardless of the instructions about food. You can also start with a reduced dosage (such as one capsule daily instead of two) for the first week or so, or until your stomach acclimates to the product.

Difficulties Taking Pills

Unable to swallow pills? Don’t worry. HUM offers alternatives to capsules and tablets, including a range of gummies such as: Boost Sweet Boost, Calm Sweet Calm, Glow Sweet Glow, and Hair Sweet Hair vegan gummies. There’s also Raw Beauty, our supplement powder, as well as Collagen Pop, our effervescent drinkable tablet. Otherwise, the best way to ingest HUM supplements without swallowing pills whole is to break capsules open (or crush tablets), and then mix them with your food or beverage of choice. We recommend a non-citrus liquid or almond milk.

Final Thoughts

Remember: The most important thing is to take your vitamins and supplements daily. It may take some trial and error to find a rhythm with your routine, but you’ll learn what works best for you regarding the best time to take supplements. No matter which ones you choose, always review the instructions first, then think about how and when you can incorporate your supplements into your day. Lastly, you’re always welcome to reach out to a HUM Nutritionist for additional guidance. We’re here and happy to help so you can get the most out of your HUM supplements!

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