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Just what the R.D. ordered

Jennifer Martin-Biggers PhD, MS, RDN

Down to a Science

What you put in your body is important to us, and we’re here to help you look and feel your absolute best. As registered dietitians (the doctor’s go-to for nutrition), our nutritionists are highly trained, passionate about wellness and dedicated to your unique health and beauty goals.

By completing the HUM quiz, you’ll be matched your very own personal nutritionist. She will analyze your answers, recommend the best nutrients for you and provide a detailed nutrition report. And that’s only the beginning. Your HUM nutritionist is here to give you advice when you want it. From formulas and ingredients to product combinations and making the most of your nutrients—we take out the guesswork so you can focus on results.

Meet the Nutritionists

  • Jennifer Martin-Biggers
    PhD, MS, RDN

    Dr. Jennifer leads our team of RDs, helping to translate nutrition and wellness science into easy to understand information and science-backed products.

  • Samaria Grandberry
    MS, RDN, LDN

    Samaria's background in nutrition and hair science, combined with her own struggles with skin and hair, makes her well equipped to help women get to the root cause of their hair loss.

  • Alexandra Caspero
    MA, RD

    Alex loves creating new plant-based recipes and often shares her approachable dishes on the morning news.

  • Gaby Vaca-Flores

    Gaby’s background in both beauty and nutrition allowed her to experience firsthand how herbs and natural ingredients play a role in how we look and feel.

  • Chelsey Amer
    MS, RDN

    Chelsey helps her clients understand how to eat in order to feel good, boost energy, and be comfortable in their clothes without restriction or obsessing.