Read Up on Your October 2019 Wellness Horoscopes

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Hear ye, hear ye: Your October 2019 wellness horoscopes are in! I’ll be honest—it looks like this month may present real challenges for most of us, culminating with 2019’s final Mercury in retrograde. This all may sound scary—and fitting for Halloween, no less—but don’t run for the hills just yet. Trust that a bit of preemptive mindfulness and astrohacking will keep you in fighting shape. So grab a pumpkin spice latte, read your ‘scope (rising, too!), and learn from these astrologically guided insights and wellness tips to conquer Libra season with gusto.

October 2019 Wellness Horoscopes

Libra scales illustration on pink background


Happy Libra season! Of course, eat your cake, but then get down to business. It’s time to don your metaphorical armor as Mars—the planet of rogue energy, action, and aggression—is in your sign through mid-November. Keep your guard up to charge toward your goals unencumbered. Since Librans can get agitated or disheartened when something or someone impedes their paths, keep your cool by taking breaks to properly recalibrate. Your mind will be in overdrive strategizing advantageous outcomes in head-scratching professional and/or interpersonal scenarios. You can benefit from balance-focused activities to simultaneously soothe your body and buzzing mind. Moving meditations such as yoga and tai chi can help bring harmony to what could otherwise be a turbulent month. Scorpio scorpion illustration with red background


As October begins, take care to clear your space (mind, home) so as to achieve cognitive cleanliness and clarity. Dust off the cobwebs to make room for mind expansion; consider picking up a new wellness book for positive inspo. Next, Mercury—the planet of communication and information—is in your sign from October 3 (Mean Girls Day!) for two months, including a notoriously chaotic retrograde period beginning on Halloween. Spooky! With this aspect in mind, your task will be to strike a delicate balance between your sharp AF Scorpion instinct and Mercury’s emphasis on processing information IRL. However, at the end of the day, know that you already have everything you need within you to thrive. sagittarius archer symbol illustration with purple background


Jupiter—your natal ruling planet that oversees elevated realms like philosophy and virtue—remains in your sign for another two months, not to return for another decade. Maximize this placement by encouraging transcendental growth to find greater meaning. Then ground back down with the mortals on Mother Earth, where you’ll need to dig below the surface to avoid falling prey to people’s sharp words and erratic behaviors. Recognize that base expressions are often borne out of frustration or sadness, so make like John Mayer and bypass the BS to better understand and show up for people who might need support. Studies show that meditation can foster empathy, so find your zen so you can help others do the same. capricorn horned goat illustration on green background


Capricorns are renowned for their industriousness and professional savvy—but in October, it’s time to step things up a notch. However, it doesn’t mean that you should go from 0 to 100 real quick; doing so will only risk burnout. Instead, strive for sustainable quality and adopt productive, healthy habits (making lists, eating your greens, sleeping better) to stay focused. Another need-to-hear-it tip: Kick any self-doubt or feelings of inadequacy to the curb. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is the path to the CEO’s chair. To best set yourself up for success, accept where you are in the present and pace toward your goals slowly but surely. Aquarius water bearer illustration on blue background


With Mars in Libra, a fellow air sign, October is a prime time for Aquarian self-study and intellectual stimulation. You don’t have to keep your nose in a book to do so, either. (Though speaking as a bookworm myself, there are worse habits you could adopt.) Alternatives include bingeing on TED talks, engaging in healthy debates, and learning about local cultures if you’re traveling. While you’re busy taking in new information, simultaneously shed old thoughts and patterns that might stifle this period of growth. Aquarians are excellent chameleons, so you should have no trouble with this productive revamp. A major evolution is on the horizon, and you’ll be ready for it by taking a Marie Kondo approach to matters of the mind. pisces fish illustration on blue green background


Throughout October, it looks like you’ll be more socially active than usual. Sorry, daydreaming fishies! Partnerships will be at the fore, so invoke the balance of Libra season into your collaborations. Consider all costs versus benefits, efforts versus outcomes, and quality versus quantity. This scrutiny extends to work, friendships, and love interests alike. Ensure that the basic tenets of healthy relationships are present; you need and deserve respect and the proper dynamics for growth. (Read: Make like a teenager in 2014 and say “bye, Felicia” to anyone or anything inhibiting expansion.) Add a healthy dose of resilience to your substantial compassion to avoid characteristically Piscean self-sacrifice and endless loops of emotionally charged rumination. This month’s mantra: Be courageous and claim your worth. aries ram symbol on red background


On October 3, Mercury kicks off a two-monthlong stint in your eighth house of mystery and darkness. Safeguard yourself against manifestations of the latter with celestial forms of self-care, like consulting a Moon Deck or learning more about astrology and your chart. (Is this strategy merely a ruse to recruit more astrohackers into my orbit? Just like Gossip Girl, I’ll never tell.) If you’re into more traditional forms of self-exploration, checking in with a trusted therapist would also be advantageous. Next, October brings pressing issues regarding intimacy and commitments to the fore. Business as usual will no longer cut it. October 13’s full moon in your sign will illuminate your needs and galvanize you to make necessary adjustments. Aries is nothing if not pioneering, so set your terms and standards with confidence. taurus bull illustration on pink background


There’s a heavy focus on your career throughout the month. You’re a goal-getting extraordinaire, so work achievements are pretty standard. But since easing the brakes can be difficult for determined bulls, bouts of respite are essential. Power naps as short as 10 minutes long can boost cognitive function and alertness. So if you can, make midday ZZZ’s—especially around the October 13 full moon—a tool for sustainable success. Next, you can avoid adrenal fatigue by supplementing with stress-busting, hormone-balancing adaptogens. You can also consider revising your daily routine to optimize productivity. In other matters, Venus is in your house of love until November, putting you deep in the feels. When Venus opposes Uranus from October 12 to 14, however, you might hit a potentially thrilling but disruptive emotional peak. I don’t want to be down on love, but I advise invoking earthly Taurean practicality to keep your wits about you. gemini twin illustration - two hummingbirds - on yellow background


Remember when I suggested you KonMari your living quarters in September’s wellness ‘scopes? Now’s the time to do the same with your habits, relationships, finances, and professional commitments. Restructure unproductive patterns or situations that may have been zapping your energy reserves as of late. It may be as simple as consistently practicing self-care or as monumental as quitting your job to emancipate yourself from a toxic work environment. Furthermore, October focuses on manifesting your dreams and creativity. For my fellow airy twins (I’m Gemini rising and moon), it’s not enough to muse—you have to act. Fear, discomfort, and vulnerability are par for the course, but know that they indicate you’re one step closer to reaching your fullest potential. On the bright side, you’re due to awaken your psyche and/or spirit come December. Get your ducks in order by then so you’re primed to reap these benefits with ease. cancer crab illustration on blue grey background


Over the past six months, you might have been cleansing yourself from painful memories and feelings. Venus in Scorpio, your fellow water sign, complements the moon’s node in Cancer over October 8/9. It’s a good time to upgrade your look to reflect your self-work and project inner your transformations. Perhaps you’ll go for a glow with a microinfusion facial, try a new hairstyle, or accumulate a new autumn wardrobe. (Word to the wise: As always, all signs should make any physical changes or new purchases before Mercury retrogrades on October 31. And if you’re extra cautious, do so before retroshade—yep, that’s a thing—by October 18.) Set up new, constructive foundations for well-being during this time as well to repel stale, burdensome energy. You’re the Mother Goose of the zodiac, but you can’t adequately nurture others until you do the necessary housekeeping on your own heart(h). leo lion illustration on yellow bckground


Most people can’t help but be drawn to your dynamic presence. However, some might be wary of—or even threatened by—that burning Leo fire. The best approach to such challenging interpersonal dynamics when your best efforts and friendly appeals fail? Unapologetically standing your ground. Don’t capitulate for the sake of maintaining the status quo. Inauthentic compromises would only dim your light, which needs to shine in order for the lion(ess) to feel whole. Instead, speak your truth and then refocus your energy on relationships that empower and inspire you. You can also get your groove back à la Stella by fostering your need for creative expression. Make a new fall playlist, or indulge your love of the arts by checking out a new museum exhibition. Switching gears, begin to transform your approach to work, health, and overall productivity. Steadily doing so over the next six weeks will perfectly prep you for a game-changing opportunity come December and a discernible transformation by February. Virgo virgin symbol with green background


Put your perfectionist proclivities to good use on the job and with your finances. Resourcefulness is the name of the game this month. Thoroughness in prioritizing and budgeting will provide you with a dual sense of accomplishment and relief. While hustling and a go-getting, assertive mentality may be a bit yang for a gentler Virgo’s liking, these active energies can pave the way for abundance in the near future. Consciously strengthen your reserves by mid-month’s full moon to prevent work stress and keep the dreaded Sunday scaries at bay. Next, you can optimize your relationships by tapping into efficient Virgo assets while eschewing counterproductive hyper-analytical tendencies. By month’s end, you’ll find greater value and worth in all of the aforementioned sectors, but most importantly in yourself. Trying to find your November 2019 wellness horoscopes? Right this way!
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