5 Healthy Travel Hacks from a Nutritionist

5 Healthy Travel Hacks from a Nutritionist
We ask the age-old question: Can you have your gelato and eat it, too? Between traveling to speak at conferences for work and then to exotic destinations on vacation, registered dietitian Alex Caspero is all too familiar with the struggle to stick to healthy travel routines. Watch the Q&A above to hear the rules she follows to stay healthy on the go, or read the quick summary below!

Alex’s Tips For Healthier Travel

1. Pack Snacks

First things first, start your trip off on the right foot by preparing a few snacks to pack with you. You’ll save money at the airport and give yourself much more nutritious options. (After all, who wants to pay $10 for a funky-looking hummus sandwich?) Alex suggests a DIY trail mix with nuts and freeze-dried berries for a clean and convenient source of fiber and protein.

2. Bring Sneakers… And Actually Use Them

Next, when you arrive at your destination, explore your new surroundings with a walk or even a quick run. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the new environment while also staying active. Alex will rent a bike if she can, or even take a group exercise class to plug into the local community while traveling.

3. Stay Hydrated

You’ll definitely want a water bottle to stay hydrated on the flight, but also while you’re out exploring a new city. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and make it harder to acclimate to jet lag, therefore slowing down your explorations. No bueno. Going out for drinks on vacation? You heard it here first: It’s okay to have a cocktail. On her vacations, Alex will have one fruity cocktail and then stick to beer and wine for the rest of the night. This way, you can get in the vacay mood without overdoing it on sugary drinks.

4. Splurge On Vacation, Save On Business Trips

To find balance in your travels, it’s important to identify whether your trip is for business or pleasure. If you’re on vacation somewhere known for its incredible food, enjoy yourself. Realistically, many of us are much more active on vacation than when sitting at our desks. For that reason, you can afford the extra indulgence here or there. By contrast, if you’re traveling for work (especially often), you’ll want to eat similarly to how you eat at home. No matter where you are, remember if you eat to a point of fullness that’s uncomfortable, you won’t be able to get in much work or play.

5. Mind Your Gut

Finally, the number-one travel concern Alex hears from clients? Staying regular on a varied routine. Alex recommends getting plenty of fiber in your diet and taking a probiotic supplement like HUM’s Gut Instinct before you go, while you’re away, and even after you get back to keep your system happy. To save these tips, go ahead and pin or print this tip sheet: Healthy Travel Hacks - Infographic - The Wellnest by HUM Nutrition
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