Here Are Your November 2019 Wellness Horoscopes

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Did someone order their November 2019 wellness horoscopes? They’re coming in hot! Halloween may be over, but we’re entering Scorpio season with Mercury retrograde in full force. Sure, we may think it’s ominous—but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of being fatalistic regarding its typical communication delays, electronic malfunctions, and flipped and reversed negotiations, approach Merc retro proactively. But how, you ask? Read your November 2019 wellness horoscopes (sun and rising) to astrohack your way through the month. I promise you’ll make it out alive and kicking!

November 2019 Wellness Horoscopes

Scorpio scorpion illustration with red background


Happy Scorpio season! Unfortunately, similarly to the Libran birthday boys and girls in October, you might have had a rocky start to your birthday season. However, November brings with it better aspects, particularly near November 12’s full moon. It’s a *glowing* time for love and business, especially where creativity is concerned. (Mercury retrograde isn’t typically a good time to broker genius deals, but consider this hall pass a cosmic birthday gift.) Harness these positive vibes through November 24, when Neptune (inspiration, dreams) opposes Uranus (surprises, dissent). Mindfully listen to any criticism, allow yourself time to digest it, and only respond from a place of calm understanding. Resist any urges to fall into toxic patterns or retaliate with lethal Scorpion venom. Remember: You’re a master at letting things marinate before acting; here’s a prime opportunity to do just that. Finally, when Neptune goes direct on November 27, expect greater wins of the heart whether solo or boo’d up. sagittarius archer symbol illustration with purple background


Attention all Archers: You’ll be the social butterfly of Scorpio season. Break out your glitziest party frocks and prep some Collagen Pop cocktails, particularly in the days before and after the full moon. But be extra cautious at your 9 to 5 with any mid-month assignments. Read: Back up any important projects so as not to fall victim to Merc retro’s technical difficulties and 11th-hour complications. But now, back to the good stuff! Venus (love, beauty) and Jupiter (idealism, virtue) meet in your sign from November 24 through 26. It’s a beautiful pre-holiday period to gather with friends and meet potential suitors. Just combat the concurrent Mars/Uranus opposition, which could leave you susceptible to sickness or fatigue. Eat the rainbow and learn how to sleep better to stay in tip-top shape. Last but not least, circle the Sag new moon on November 26. It’s the best time for you this year to take inventory of your goals and get to manifesting them. capricorn horned goat illustration on green background


Continue making your rounds with VIP’s and higher-ups, especially those connected to old friends/colleagues and your past at large. With November 12’s full moon in fellow earth sign Taurus and Mars in your house of professionalism through November 18, I’d be surprised if you didn’t nab that prized project or receive good news following an interview. On top of that, Neptune will give your love life a boost at the full moon. It has the power to be transformative, so be receptive if someone strikes your fancy. Someone you care about may have disappointed you around October’s new moon, and something similar may arise at November 24’s new moon with the Mars/Uranus opposition. Play it cool and focus on paving your way for a fruitful future; prize long-term gains over short-term woes. Need some help? Breathing exercises are a great, natural way to help you manage your mood and clear your head. You’re in for great luck come December, so trust that anything wonky this month will dissipate sooner than later. Aquarius water bearer illustration on blue background


Near October 26’s new moon, you might have dealt with chaotic circumstances regarding your career and/or home. Did you quit your job so you could pursue a more rewarding endeavor? Were you offered a lucrative opportunity, albeit one more distant than you’d prefer? Truth be told, you may not be completely out of the woods just yet. But with energetic Mars in your house of professional achievements from November 18 through January 3, you’re likely to strike career gold by 2020. Additionally, Neptune in your second house of earnings will go direct on November 27, which has been retrograde since Cancer season. Trust that any recent challenges will work themselves out. (With Merc retro until November 20, you don’t want to sign major contracts anyway. Pesky surprises and changes of duties would likely arise down the road.) Next, November 24 may bring with it surprising news related to your home or family; prepare to get your ducks in order. Similarly, if your digs don’t emanate positive vibes, it’s time for a refresh. Consider redecorating or rearranging according to the age-old principles of feng shui. pisces fish illustration on blue green background


November is a great month for you to get your money right. Come up with a new long-term strategy for financial wellness, pay down debt, or cut extraneous expenses. Mars in your eighth house through November 18 may have you spending a bit more than usual, but regardless, expect greater financial empowerment. Next, with Venus conjunct Jupiter on November 24 in your house of honors, your reputation is set to shine. November 26’s new moon will only augment this aspect, so get ready to steal the spotlight at work. Raise your profile and don’t hesitate to make your rounds at holiday or end-of-year parties. Additionally, your ruling planet of Neptune will go direct after a five-month retrograde period on Thanksgiving Eve. Here’s at least one point of gratitude to share at the dinner table! Expect to see bigger gains in your long-term passion projects going forward. Neptune will stay solid through mid-June 2020, so there’s no need to rush. Finances and reputation aside, you can indulge your thoughtful inner Fish by doing experimental self-work at home. My suggestion? Since you’re already the dreamiest sign of the zodiac, it’s only fitting that you tap into dream psychology. Learning how to guide and interpret your nighttime activity can get you better acquainted with your unconscious and even help uncover answers to mysteries IRL. aries ram symbol on red background


This month, you’re channeling 1994 Snoop Dogg, with your mind on your money and your money on your mind. If you want to ask for a raise, be a bit more *laid back* by ideating reasonable justifications behind your asks, instead of going in with full Ram force. Additionally, you should wait it out until the full moon on November 12. Or even better, harness support from Venus’s alignment with Jupiter around November 22 to 25. (Mercury retrograde may work against you before going direct on November 20, so I recommend circling the later dates.) Just be prepared when your ruling planet, Mars, opposes Jupiter at the same time, which could bring some unexpected financial setbacks. Other areas to watch out for at this time include spats with S/O’s or colleagues. Musts: Avoid impulsive reactions and channel any aggressive energy into something productive. Rams take well to intensive workouts like HIIT and sprinting, so burn calories instead of burning bridges. For more R&R, consider releasing tension with acupressure or gua sha, as Rams rule the head and face.taurus bull illustration on pink background


If you’ve been feeling excessive pressure with any kind of partnership, know that these growing pains are for the good. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, as they say. By bringing any issues to the surface, you’ll be better able to proceed with a more productive plan of action, even if it leads to cutting ties. You might have felt this tension at the last new moon, and it may come up again around November’s new moon. Conversely, if your partner’s and your own communication styles are open and honest, then it’ll continue to be smooth sailing. In the middle, with November 12’s full moon in your sign, take inventory of your needs and goals for the coming year. Something important may come to a close, which can open pathways for something new and rewarding. Even better, positive money news is likely to come your way. If you need to apply for a loan or grant, do so around month’s end. Other star dates include November 25 and 27, kicking off a festive four weeks perfect for getting glam and socializing up a storm. Go for the glow with a microinfusion facial or supplement with brightening nutrients to catch your best light. gemini twin illustration - two hummingbirds - on yellow background


Since Geminis (and Virgos) are ruled by Mercury, Twins are more prone to feeling the haphazard effects of Merc retro. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Simply push back any new initiatives and instead be productive by tackling minor tasks on your to-do list. Next, Mars entered Libra on October 3 where it’ll stay through November 18, making a great time to have heart-to-hearts with friends. Sustainable, healthy relationships play a major role in longevity and quality of life, so use this aspect to your advantage. However, you may want to hibernate at the full moon on November 12. Take care to recharge, especially since the last week of the month will get pretty packed. Geminis are often go go go, but the mantra for now is slow, slow, slow. Book a lymphatic drainage massage to expel any toxic buildup, or simply hit the hay early to wake up to a better complexion and more energy. Dates/tips to consider: Tame your temper on November 24, solidify a relationship or deal on November 26 (plus 10 days), and get ready for terrific work or money news from an unexpected source from November 27 through mid-December. cancer crab illustration on blue grey background


With Saturn and Pluto holding sway over your relationships for the past two years, you may feel as though your love life has been more heavy drama than light rom-com. Things will ease up come December/January, so Crabs need to hold out just a bit longer. Next, November 12’s full moon will kickstart action on several fronts. You may head to a bustling social event, where you can enjoy your time and forget any lingering woes. Additionally, with Mars in positive alignment with Jupiter, you’re bound to receive good news regarding your home, family, and potentially work. Ride these highs while you can, since month’s end will shift the focus back to pressing matters of the heart. Want to keep busy to avoid getting overwhelmed by your emotions? Find a healthy distraction. Channel your energy into your work, do old-school exercises, or whip up a delicious, nutritious recipe to nurture your stomach and soul alike. leo lion illustration on yellow bckground


You might have received unsavory news regarding your home or family at the end of October, and a similar development may arise around November 24. Don’t let that Leo fire make you burst into flames. Instead, weigh your options and act from a place of level-headed reason. On the bright side, the week surrounding November 12’s full moon is set to light up your career and reputation. VIP’s are starting to notice you, but you’re not quite at the apex of the corporate ladder just yet. In fact, hard work will be the governing theme for my fellow Lions in 2020, so now is only the start of long-term work wins, star status, and money-making magic. (Those working in creative, performance-based pursuits—i.e., prime Leo territory—will reap even greater rewards.) It’ll help to clear your house, burn sage or Palo Santo, and maybe even set up a home office. However, take care to avoid burnout and make time for the things you love—luxe treatments among them. Perhaps an intuitive facial will do the trick, or maybe a deep-tissue massage will get you purring. Finally, November 26’s new moon in Sagittarius will be in Leo’s fifth house of true love. Over the 10 days that follow, you can pave the way for a new romance or plan a dreamy getaway with your S/O. Virgo virgin symbol with green background


As I mentioned to your fellow Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini, you’re more likely to feel the pressures and burdens spurred by the planet’s retrograde. The full moon at mid-month may encourage progress, but Merc retro’s opposition may call it a wash. Sidestep feelings of defeat and know you’ll be all the more effective in due time. I know that productivity is in your DNA, but use this period to take a break. Or at the very least, focus on small wins instead of large-scale victories. For instance, you can put your perfectionist bend to use by tailoring your next grocery haul for optimal gut health, as Virgos are the sign most privy to GI issues. (Let me reiterate: small wins!) Next, the new moon on November 26 will inspire you to refresh your home in time for the holidays. Donate or toss anything collecting dust or that no longer serves you. You can also up-level your dwellings by decorating with jade stones or diffusing patchouli essential oils, Virgo-specific bearers of calmness and serenity. Libra scales illustration on pink background


Similar to your opposite sign of Aries, money matters will come to the fore in November. However, whereas they’re gunning for a raise, you may be struggling to keep your head afloat in a sea of seemingly endless expenses or debts. Don’t let a dwindling bank account get you down, though. Jupiter brings luck to your house of communication, so you’re in a good position to start or augment a side hustle in the realms of speech, writing, and media at large. On another note, with Venus in Sagittarius in your third house through November 25, it may be worth shelling out a few extra bucks for a quick getaway to restore your spirits. You might even happen upon a new love interest in your travels. The best time for a weekend excursion would be from November 9 to 10, but if you can’t get away, seek harmony elsewhere. Some ideas: Step up your wellness game by balancing your doshas or practicing grounding yoga poses. Greater opportunities will arise for you next month, so take care of minutiae in the meantime. Looking for your December 2019 wellness horoscopes? Read up before ringing in 2020!
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