April 2020 Wellness Horoscopes to Brighten Your Day

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Admittedly, it’s strange times we’re living in as we kick off the month. Still, my goal is that your April 2020 wellness horoscopes will provide a fun distraction from any stress or unsettling feelings that may be brewing. Read your sun and rising signs for key insights into your month and actionable self-care tips, all of which are doable from home. Last but not least, I hope the ‘scopes bring a smile to your face and keep your hopes high. Stay safe, and to brighter days ahead!

April 2020 Wellness Horoscopes

Aries ram symbol on purple and blue starry background


Happy birthday season! To celebrate a year older and wiser, why don’t you treat yourself to an at-home spa treatment? While 2020 kicked off with fervent energy from Mars (your ruler), its current transit in Aquarius signifies the go-go-go intensity will abate and make way for a lighter mood. Also, just because you may be working from home doesn’t mean that higher-ups have forgotten about you. In fact, when Jupiter (luck) and Pluto (revelations) link up in your 10th house of honors on April 4, you’re likely to start gaining more important projects, better pay, or both. Otherwise, if the current climate has flipped your work life upside down, expect to see stirrings of better opportunities to come by summer. Just be careful if you’re solidifying contracts around the April 7 full moon; hold out to negotiate if you can around the more amenable April 22 new moon. Taurus bull symbol on purple and blue starry background


Riding high on the coattails of March, Bulls can rest assured that conditions are in place to kick off a terrific birthday that even social distancing can’t quell. First, Mars is in your 10th house of achievements for the first time in two years. Expect to wrap up a major project around the April 7 full moon, plus easy commingling with VIP’s. Later, the April 22 new moon in your sign will be the icing on the (birthday) cake: Uranus will concurrently visit Taurus for the first time in 84 years. The meaning? Major surprises are underway, the results of which will last far outlast your birthday season. Use this extra special time to nail down your primary goals for the year ahead. If you’re vexed, pay attention to your dreams—in which your true feelings are never disguised—to seek guidance for these epic new beginnings. Gemini twins symbol on purple and blue starry background


Consider April another fund-friendly month from secondary sources. For instance, if you haven’t yet filed your taxes, do so now—even given the federal extension—to maximize your refund. Particularly note April 4 when Jupiter and Pluto link up in Capricorn, plus April 7 and 11. (Your true love aspects are also highlighted within this period, so find a way to cherish your boo.) Balance your books by the April 22 new moon, which could shake things up. Luckily, Gems are famously adaptable. However, if you’re stress-prone, consider taking rhodiola rosea for some extra resilience. Finally, with Venus (appearance) in Gemini starting April 3, get your beauty and fashion buys in before it retrogrades in May. Can I interest you in some clean skincare recs? Otherwise, indulge your inner Twin by seeking 2-in-1 solutions: a mask/exfoliator combo, a sarong that doubles as a picnic blanket, etc. Cancer crab symbol on purple and blue starry background


Starting April 4, Jupiter (luck) and Pluto (revelations) will connect in your house of relationships. It’s a great aspect regarding any long-term tensions with a partner, romantic and business alike. While it looks as though he/she will get a needed leg up, you will as well by gaining clarity you may have lacked for the better part of a year. Next, the April 7 full moon highlights your home, aka the Crab’s natural happy place. Embark on any home improvement projects—KonMari, buying new bedding, painting your walls—to make it the sanctuary of your dreams. (Tip: Go for gray, a calming, stabilizing color for Cancerians.) By the April 22 new moon, you’ll be yearning to socialize, so get to your video-chat apps of choice to connect while in quarantine. At the same time, you may get a money-oriented surprise, whether it’s a surplus or an expense. Leo lion symbol on purple and blue starry background


Lions, rejoice: Stern Saturn is exiting your sixth house of work. On April 4, Jupiter (luck) and Pluto (revelations) take the lead, indicating you’ll amplify your workflow or find something more lucrative and amenable elsewhere. Yes, it’s a curious climate otherwise to shift gears. Yet if all the signs encourage you to jump ship, take a leap of faith if/when opportunity strikes, ideally around the April 22 new moon. Since the sixth house also rules wellness, make lifestyle changes you know you need. (For instance, this Lioness should really lower her pre-zzZz blue light exposure, so she’s swapping Netflix for novels instead.) Shifting gears, keep your cool around the April 7 full moon in your house of communication. If you let your fire overcome you, tensions may arise—especially with a partner. Finally, indulge your creative whims from April 22 through 30 for both personal delight and professional gain. Virgo virgin woman symbol on purple and blue starry background


Surprise, surprise: Even from a distance, your talents are needed left and right from colleagues. Not only can Virgos handle this extra pressure, but they actually thrive on it. However, remember that you still need to take intermittent breaks to reset and recharge. You likely already know this since you naturally rule over health. But let me up the ante by suggesting you schedule respites on your digital calendar to simultaneously satisfy your penchant for organization. Consider taking a five-minute foam rolling break on the hour, or wake up/wind down by streaming online yoga classes. Next, just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you have to put your romantic life on hold. Interested Virgos should still tap into their glowing aspects for finding and solidifying true love in 2020. Single? Video-chat dates are trending. Coupled? Whip up a special treat for your boo as a thoughtful gesture. Libra scales symbol on purple and blue starry background


The April 7 full moon in Libra indicates something major in business or pleasure will come to fruition. In either scenario, the outcome will delight you. Mars in Aquarius in your fifth house of true love through mid-May augments this development as well as ongoing ones. What’s more? Your love aspects are further heightened given Venus’s new stay in fellow air sign Gemini. When Venus flirts with Mars on April 7, your allure will be undeniable. You can scroll up to Virgo’s ‘scope for some ideas to keep romance alive while indoors. Yet as an air sign, you’ll likely take more readily to exploring new people, ideas, and avenues for romance than they would. That said, I recommend the following particularly for Librans: consider sharing “The 36 Questions That Lead to Love,” informed by a 1997 study on fast-tracking intimacy. (Just promise you’ll invite me to your post-quarantine nuptials.) Scorpio scorpion symbol on purple and blue starry background


To begin, star April 4 for its money-making potential. Restore your faith If work seems like it’s on the fritz, or otherwise prepare for a potential windfall. Next, over the past few months, you’ve likely been buzzing about professionally as well as socially. Since Scorpios typically like spending time at home, you may be more amenable to staying put now than some of your other cosmic counterparts. Still—especially if you live with others—aim to spend the April 7 full moon solo. With Mars in your home sector through mid-May, your family and space will be on your mind. Trust that you’ll benefit from dedicated alone time for reflection. By the April 22 new moon, you may meet unexpected circumstances or experience unforeseen developments with a partner of some sort. If you find yourself stressed, try out box breathing or meditate consistently to self-soothe. Sagittarius archer symbol on purple and blue starry background


Hoping to find better work opportunities? Take to your phone, email, LinkedIn, etc. on April 4, once Jupiter and Pluto settle into your house of earned income. Take action ASAP, as this alignment will be the best for Archers to earn their desired income until mid-December. Next, with the April 7 full moon in your 11th house of friendships, you’ll yearn to flex your social butterfly wings. However, stay safe by keeping your distance. Alas, don’t fret: Simply come up with other ways to stay connected. Change into your favorite outfit, apply your go-to products for glowing skin, and get to video chatting. Have some Collagen Pop on hand? Mix up these mocktails—spiked, if you wish—and schedule a virtual happy happy hour to catch up with your crew. Capricorn goat symbol on purple and blue starry background


Expect a professional victory around the April 7 full moon, as it’s the only one this year in your 10th house of honors. Whatever the outcome, your recent hard work will pay off in spades. Yet if an offer that isn’t quite to your liking, propose alternative ideas to inch closer to your worth: a trial period, better benefits, etc. Additionally, with Saturn in your house of income through July 1, you’ll learn to be more prudent in making your dollars stretch. (For grocery inspo that doesn’t involve extreme couponing, check out our $50 weekly haul challenge or how a dietitian spends the same sum at Whole Foods.) Lastly, while Caps are famously disciplined and by the book, April otherwise encourages you to tap into right-brain activity. Feel empowered to indulge in creative expression: color, practice Movement Culture, or anything else that’s fresh and enlivening.

Aquarius water bearer symbol on purple and blue starry background


In April, Saturn will log its first full month in Aquarius in 29 years, where it’ll stay put til July 1. As Saturn is the serious “fatherly” planet, it’ll compel you to mature and be more responsible. This means taking long-term, stable approaches to work, relationships, and the like. To augment this astrological coming of age, Mars is also in Aquarius for the first time in two years through May 12. Luckily, it’ll give you a boost of go-getting moxy to start a new chapter informed by reworked priorities. Larger trends aside, consider expanding your intellectual horizons around the April 7 full moon. Listen to a new podcast or start reading a cultural tome to sharpen your mind. Lastly, you’ll want to focus on your home around the April 22 new moon. It may include research on moving to kick off your aforementioned fresh start, but be diligent before committing. Pisces fish symbol on purple and blue starry background


Been waiting for what seems like eternity to get money that’s owed to you? It could be a delayed IOU, security deposit, or months-old invoice from a freelance gig, but you should expect to finally get it around the April 7 full moon. However, don’t spend it for leisure just yet, as there’s a chance the funds will be better allocated to a debt or other expense. Next, while your overall 2020 wellness horoscopes focus on friendships and networking, you have a built-in pass this month to sit solo in your imaginative comfort zone. By the April 22 new moon, you’ll be inspired to creatively express yourself via writing and speaking. Saturn in your 12th house through July 1 will give you the discipline to make it happen, so if you’ve been sitting on an idea for a while, strike while the celestial iron’s hot.
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