What A Nutritionist Buys At Whole Foods For $50

How to navigate a health food store on a budget!

We challenged HUM’s Director of Education, Sarah Greenfield, RD to tackle Whole Foods on a budget. Here’s her haul for a week of groceries with only fifty dollars to spend.

Strategy & Tips For Budget Grocery Shopping

“Whenever I go to the supermarket, I start in the produce section and try and load up on as many vegetables as I can,” Sarah tells us. She also considers her macronutrients, looking for a healthy balance of fiber, fats, complex carbohydrates and protein.

Then, it’s good to think about the versatility of your ingredients. Consider whether you can use each item a few different ways to keep your meals interesting throughout the week. Many of Sarah’s items can be roasted, used in a stir-fry, eaten fresh as a snack, or included in a smoothie.

“A lot of times we think you’re going to spend all your money at a higher end supermarket but if you keep it simple, shop the perimeter of the store, and try not to get too many pre-packaged things – that’s the best way to get the healthiest meals while also staying on a budget.”

Sarah’s Whole Foods Haul

Broccoli $4.68
Mixed Greens $4.99
Mini Bell Peppers $4.99
Carrots $1.99
Yellow Zucchini $3.41
Strawberries $3.50
Bananas $1.77
Avocado $2.50
Almonds $5.59
Sweet Potato $2.47
Brown Rice $2.99
Unsweetened Almond Milk $2.99
Pasture Raised Eggs $3.79
Organic Ground Turkey $5.39

Total Spent: $50.35

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