The Best HUM Supplement for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If you haven’t started working on your New Year’s resolutions yet, you may want to consider adding new supplements into your wellness routine. And if you’re anything like yours truly, you may also be investigating what 2022 has in store for you from an astrological perspective. Put the two together and curiosity may lead you to the following question: What’s the best supplement for me based on my sign?

Scroll below to see what the best HUM supplement is for you, based on your zodiac sign.* As always, extra credit goes to those who check out the details on both their sun and rising signs.

*Note: Astrology can be a wonderful modality for insights on your personal life, relationships, and more, but of course it’s not an evidence-based lens from which you should base all your health and supplement routines. While your HUM pairing below might actually be a great fit for your unique needs and concerns, you can still benefit from a range of products from HUM’s full lineup of vitamins and supplements. More questions about what’s right for you? Take the HUM quiz and message with your personal HUM dietitian!

Aries: Uber Energy

The phrase “work hard, play hard” might as well be the official motto for Rams, as they bring their signature fiery energy to anything and everything they do. With that said, people born under this sign tend to burn out more easily than others, which requires them to find healthy ways to maintain their vigor and stamina without crashing. Enter: Uber Energy, HUM’s adrenal support blend. It can help boost productivity and energy levels for the go-go-go-getting Aries while also promoting healthy responses to everyday stressors, allowing them to work and play as hard as they’d like—just more sustainably.

Taurus: Raw Beauty

Bulls are ruled by the planet Venus, whose namesake is the goddess of pleasure, beauty, and love. Simply put, Tauruses are more in tune with sensory experiences than the majority of the other astrological signs. This aspect equips Bulls with their notorious sweet tooth and a penchant for all things physically alluring, which makes Raw Beauty their perfect HUM pairing. Its mint chocolate flavor will delight their taste buds while the potent superfood blend will support their beauty *and* wellness goals, working overtime just like the ever-tenacious Taurus.

Gemini: Collagen Pop

Geminis are witty, flexible, and masters of conversation. You could even say that their gift for gab lends them a bubbly demeanor—and all of these qualities make Collagen Pop a perfect pairing for the effervescent Gemini (puns very much intended). Collagen Pop is the world’s first dissolvable collagen tablet, which is a conversation-starter in itself. Plus, it adjusts quickly to water, which calls to mind the Twins’ ability to adapt to any situation. Geminis are also great at multitasking, as is this HUM select: it supports collagen production while also hydrating the skin for an effective 2-in-1 beauty boost.

Cancer: Gut Instinct

Crabs are the most maternal sign of the zodiac, meaning that they’re innately nurturing and protective. When it comes to the ones they love most, their level of devotion and care is unparalleled. And while it may seem trite to say that their maternal instinct would pair well with HUM’s Gut Instinct probiotic, it simply works. Cancers also happen to rule over the stomach, so a probiotic makes perfect sense to support a balanced microbiome—especially if worrying about friends and family leads to a stress belly and other digestive symptoms.

Leo: Red Carpet

red carpet brand image

Leos were born to be in the spotlight (see: J. Lo, Madonna), and they expect nothing less than the VIP treatment. To get their glam on, Leos are best suited to take Red Carpet. Its fitting name aside, Red Carpet packs antioxidant vitamin E and vegan sources of omega fatty acids for glowing skin and shiny hair to boot. After all, Lions are known for their impressive manes, and this supplement will help your own stay healthy and nourished. Consider it Leos’ best bet to maintain their signature BDE—Big Diva Energy, that is!

Virgo: Core Strength

Virgos are some of the most detail-oriented, analytical people you’ll ever meet. While their trademark perfectionism makes them incredible workers and thoughtful friends, they’re prone to getting their tummy in a twist while sweating over the small stuff. In fact, Virgos hold reign over both the nervous system and the intestines, making them prone to stomach issues particularly when they’re stressed out. For these reasons, low-FODMAP protein powder Core Strength is perfect for Virgos, as its full amino acid profile will power them through their busy days without triggering any digestive distress.

Libra: Wing Man

Given their amiable nature, top-notch communication skills, and emphasis on maintaining harmonious partnerships, Libras are among the biggest social butterflies of the zodiac. For these reasons, you’re bound to find a handful of Libras at any party, making them the ultimate wing man (or woman) of sorts. Speaking of, given their busy social agendas, Libras can be proactive about imbibing by supplementing with HUM’s Wing Man. This liver detox supplement helps to flush the liver of toxins (including alcohol) so they can feel and look their best even after late nights out.

Scorpio: Moody Bird

Scorpios are known for their trademark intensity and attraction to activities and interests that would make more timid signs blush. Since Scorpios tend to be on the passionate side, and because they rule the reproductive system and its accompanying hormones, the chasteberry and dong quai in Moody Bird can come in handy to keep both their emotional and physical PMS symptoms in check. However, if you’re a Scorpio who doesn’t experience PMS, Calm Sweet Calm can also help relax your mind and body and dial back stress-induced symptoms.

Sagittarius: Air Patrol

Sags are the adventurers of astrology, whether that be through international travel, cross-cultural exploration, and/or an ongoing pursuit of self-development and education. Success and optimism are also key traits for the Archer, which they can maintain in spades by supplementing with Air Patrol. Whether you’re jetting off to far-off pockets of the universe or staying up into the wee hours of the night reading philosophical texts to expand your worldview, HUM’s esterified vitamin C supplement can keep your immune system, lungs, and skin barrier in fighting shape by staving off free radical damage.

Capricorn: Base Control

Caps are disciplined, practical, and goal-oriented. I always think of them as the CEOs of astrology, as they tend to emit authoritative, put-together vibes like it’s their job. Since Capricorns often stray more conservative—by which I mean that they’ll likely prioritize a tried-and-true wellness method over newer kids on the block—Base Control would be a great fit to boost overall health while climbing up the corporate ladder. This multivitamin, which also comes without iron, provides the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of most essential nutrients so they can fill any nutritional gaps with their trademark efficiency.

Aquarius: Here Comes the Sun

The typical Aquarius is original and forward-thinking; they also have a certain charm and brightness about them. They’re the humanitarians of the zodiac and have a knack for bringing out the best in others and trying to improve humanity on a large scale. Of course, this is no easy feat, but Aquarians are up for the challenge—quite similarly to Here Comes the Sun, which helps to battle one of the world’s most common vitamin deficiencies. HUM’s vitamin D supplement helps to boost mood and support immune health; it also packs that signature Aquarius inventiveness, thanks to its unique lichen-derived vegan D3.

Pisces: Mighty Night

Pisces are known as the deepest dreamers in the zodiac; some are even thought to have near-psychic abilities given their innate empathy and receptivity to everyone and everything around them. It can get a bit exhausting and overwhelming to be so highly in tune with the needs and concerns of others, so Fish need to retreat and spend time alone to recharge. Mighty Night can help the emotionally overstimulated Pisces get valuable, quality shut-eye—which in turn can help them find answers and necessary relief in their dreams during the REM sleep cycle.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re an Aries in pursuit of more energy, a Cap aiming to cover all of your bases, or any sign really, taking the right supplements based on your individual concerns can be a fantastic way to kick off 2022 feeling healthy, happy, and harmonious.

If you want to round out your supplement regimen with more HUM goodies but don’t know what’s best for you, take the HUM quiz for tailored product recommendations to inch you even closer to your wellness goals.

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