July 2020 Wellness Horoscopes for Summer Fun

Astrohackers, rejoice: We made it to the second half of 2020! Sure, business as usual largely remains anything but. Yet by now, I hope you’ve all found safe, healthy, and creative ways to pass the time in the age of social distancing. Need some invigoration? I’ve got you covered with your July 2020 wellness horoscopes. Some general nice-to-knows: Independence Day in the US marks our second lunar eclipse in four weeks. And while Mars (action) transitioned into native Aries at the end of last month, expect to feel a palpable shift in your daily doings as it settles in and stays through year’s end. As always, read the horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs for an extra leg up to navigate the month. Enjoy the start of summer as best you can with the stars (and stripes!) on your side. July 2020 Wellness Horoscopes Cancer crab symbol on purple and blue starry background


Happy birthday season! July 4 isn’t only a national holiday this year, but also a lunar eclipse in your sign. If something requires a 180—particularly a matter two years in the making—you can expect a flash of insight by July 7. It can include anything from following through on your *Gut Instinct* to reworking your approach to relationships. Come July 13 through 17, focus will shift from the internal to the external. Things may shake up a bit, whether it’s a breakthrough or road bump. However, with the end of Mercury retrograde on July 12 and Mars in Aries through year’s end, it’s prime time to be agile and follow through with full steam ahead. Finally, starting July 19, Jupiter’s amiable aspect to Neptune supports spiritual growth and mindfulness to nourish your soul. Maybe you’ll want to start meditating daily, journaling, or investigating life’s many mysteries. Leo lion symbol on purple and blue starry background


From the start of 2020, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn haven’t taken it easy on Leos. In fact, their challenges may have been downright draining and discouraging. However, with Mars (action) now in fellow fire sign Aries through year’s end, you’ll be on the upswing. This placement is particularly amenable to self-development. The more you improve and accomplish now, the better you’ll be set up for game-changing success come early 2021 and beyond. That said, get your ducks in order, especially when it comes to work. Think: strike a better work-life balance, streamline your schedule and workflow, and set up a killer home office. Sure, all work and no play make Lions sad kings and queens of the astrological jungle. Yet the pride you’ll feel as a result of these upgrades will make you roar with delight. Let the soul-feeding (yet safe!) summer sun tide you over through birthday season. Virgo virgin woman symbol on purple and blue starry background


Venus (love + beauty) is recently out of retrograde, yet its aspects with Neptune in your solar love sector can pose some additional challenges. If romance is on your mind, it’s best to play things safe by saving major declarations of love and “status changes” at least until month’s end. At the same time, Mercury (communication + your ruler) is retrograde through July 12, encouraging you to stay placid and not rock any boats. However, the mood will shift drastically from there. With Mars (action) in your eighth house (sex, power, mysticism) through year’s end, you’ll feel more empowered than usual to throw caution to the wind. Let your hair down, be radically honest, and empower yourself to cruise past potential criticism. At the end of the day, as long as you’re true to yourself and practice self-love, everything and everyone else plays second fiddle. Libra scales symbol on purple and blue starry background


Mars (action + assertion) is settling into your opposite sign of Aries, where it’ll stay through January 2021. There are several trends here worth noting. First, obstacles and obstructions to all parts of your life will become clear as day, which will save you time and prevent needless rumination. Second, you’ll realize which habits and modes of thought need revamping. Use the power of visualization to guide you to where you want to be. Third, your dating/mating life is set to be fruitful and relatively seamless. (Sayonara, ghosters and gaslighters!) Of course, many of us remain socially distant for safety concerns. But if you’re on the market and in the mood to shake your tail feather, it can help to follow these remote dating tips. Fortunately, this ease with relationships may also extend to business collabs, though familial ties will need more dedicated TLC. Scorpio scorpion symbol on purple and blue starry background


Come the July 4 lunar eclipse, à la Carrie Bradshaw, you can’t help but wonder: Are my relationships working for me? Both present and past partnerships will be on your mind; take note of recurring trends. Otherwise, with Mars (action) in Aries, an opposite fire sign to your water, it’ll serve you to switch up your typical approach to things. (While Scorpios are under the radar, Aries are visible with no holds barred.) Further, since Mars will be in your solar sixth house through year’s end, health and fitness are at the fore. Think: improve your digestion, curb stress through diet, and avoid injuries with the right pre-workout routine. This house placement also extends to organization, so get your admin and finances in shape. Need some help? Ask your Virgo pals, as they’re natal sixth house inhabitants. Sagittarius archer symbol on purple and blue starry background


Have you been letting your fears stifle you? Do you often second guess yourself? It’s time to figure out where your fears come from, recognize how they inhibit your growth, and release them. Swap stress for cautionary concern at most. If you need assistance, there’s no shame in consulting a therapist for help. Switching gears, matters of the heart are big in July 2020 for Archers, especially closer to month’s end with Venus squaring Neptune. On one end, you may have amazing romantic experiences with your partner. On the other, you may realize it’s time to call it quits. In any case, Mars (action) in Aries will get the ball rolling, and the end result should ultimately work in your favor. Finally, look closely over your finances so shortcomings or glitches don’t impede other areas of your life. Capricorn goat symbol on purple and blue starry background


The Cap motto for July 2020: health is wealth. I’m not just talking about physical health, though it won’t hurt to add an immunity-boosting smoothie to your meal plan. This idea extends to wellness of all kinds: mental, spiritual, relational, professional, financial, etc. Your planetary aspects support solid ground in all of these areas, so long as you embody this empowering creed. In essence, your external world will reflect your inner work. That said, make sure you’re on your game if disruptions arise. Perhaps a narcissist or scene-stealer is in your midst, or you foresee a dispute in the making. You’ll need to work to find a sweet spot to keep the peace and avoid volatility. If anything, mindfully retreat instead of instinctually reacting. As a wise man once said, “don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang.” (Yes, said sage is Kevin G. from Mean Girls.)

Aquarius water bearer symbol on purple and blue starry background


Mars (action) is settling into Aries for a stay of six-plus months. It turns out that Aquarians haven’t had this level of raw Mars energy since the late-1980s. The most recent time that came close was in January/February 2019, though other planets cramped Mars’s style. Now that the history lesson is out of the way, what does it all mean? You’ll likely be more frenetic than usual. Any cool cucumber ways will phase out as you set out to conquer goals at warp speed. The general idea: Everything is on your to-do list, and each check of completion will put more pep in your step to move onto the next. All said, buckle up, as you’ll be on a fast track to success. Still, take care to avoid burnout. Unplug when you’re off the clock and practice your favorite self-care rituals to unwind. Luckily, bedtime activities count! Pisces fish symbol on purple and blue starry background


The July 4 lunar eclipse focuses on your friends and other social networks. Aim for quality conversations and compassion; à la Larry David, elevate small talk to medium talk. Just be sure to choose your words with care to avoid misinterpretations or a communication breakdown. Mercury is still retrograde through July 12, which has a way to turn even minor squabbles into more major mishaps. However, the alignments to Neptune (your ruler) work in your favor, particularly from mid-July forward. It’ll be an especially good time to tap into distinctly Piscean themes, such as intuition, inspiration, and forgiveness. Next, if you’ve been struggling with home or family matters, wait until early next month to solidify changes. You’ll gain clarity with an aha moment, whether you want to move or encourage a new dynamic with a parent. Finally, Mars will start to guide your finances to help get your accounts in order. Aries ram symbol on purple and blue starry background


Capricorns may be the celestial favorite for 2020, but from now forward, you’ll come damn near close. With Mars (action + your ruler) in your sign until January 2021, it’s me-first time for the me-first sign. Essentially, it’s like the world is your oyster and the zodiac is rolling out the red carpet for you. But not so fast! You do share this world with others, and you’ll be better off cohabitating in peace instead of racking up collateral damage. You do you, but be mindful too. Flag July 7 through 10 and July 27 through 29 for temperature checks on matters outside of your control. Similarly, though it can feel against your nature, slow down and practice temperance. Additionally, avoid expending needless energy on irritants and time-wasters. Instead, harness more gentle yin energy through the likes of restorative yoga, breathing exercises, and dream psychology.Taurus bull symbol on purple and blue starry background


Venus (love + beauty + your ruler) is direct as of June 24. Thankfully, any complications that arose in the Venusian arena over the past two months can now potentially abate. Creativity and money are more likely to sing a brighter tune, especially if you put in the work to inspire creativity and be more tranquil. Mars (action) in Aries is setting up shop in your soul sector, so do things that promote peace of mind. Meditation, gentle yoga, and leisurely walks with no clear destination can all help you do exactly that. That said, harness these zen vibes especially over the July 4 weekend, as the lunar eclipse may test your patience. Approach red tape, naysayers, and the like with grace and neutrality. In sum, work towards BBE (Big Buddha Energy) so you can kick off the summer with finesse. Gemini twins symbol on purple and blue starry background


Mars is now in Aries through year’s end, where it’ll take up residence in your money sector until the first week of August. Use this momentum to take a new, proactive approach to financial admin and other money-related themes. (Faithful astrohackers will already know that Twins are primed for financial gains in 2020 from non-salaried sources.) On this note, once Mercury retrograde ends on July 12, anticipate better cash flow. Dollar signs aside, mark July 12 through 18 as a fantastic week for your career, finding simpatico new friends, and strokes of genius. Work your social magic and turn up the charm to gather allies. That said, be more cautious with partnerships of “official” capacities and resolve lingering disputes. Finally, by month’s end, Venus retro’s shadow will cease. Have you been waiting to experiment with your looks? Perhaps a K-beauty routine or a radical hair makeover may strike your fancy.
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