Your June 2021 Wellness Horoscopes Bring the Heat

June 2021 solar eclipse for wellness horoscopes and astrology
Happy June, astrohackers! This month comes in hot with temperatures on the rise and lots (I repeat, lots!) of cosmic activity ahead. Luckily, your June 2021 wellness horoscopes have all the major insights you need to thrive. Before we begin, here are some broad brushstrokes worth noting:
  • Mercury (communication) retrogrades from May 29 through June 22
  • Venus (love + beauty) enters Cancer on June 2
  • June 10 marks a new moon/solar eclipse
  • Mars (action + energy) enters Leo on June 11
  • June 20 marks the summer solstice and Jupiter (luck) retrograde
  • Neptune (spirituality) retrogrades on June 25
Ahem… Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Alas, read your sun and rising signs to see what all of this means for you and more. In other words, June gloom doesn’t stand a chance.

June 2021 Wellness Horoscopes

Aries ram symbol on purple and blue starry background


As Venus (love + beauty) enters Cancer on June 2, take time to wind down and relax. Snuggle with your furry friend or significant other, and/or take a break from social media to weed out excessive noise. Sure, many of us are excited to be out and about more than we have over the past year-plus. However, hunkering down through the June 10 new moon/solar eclipse will work to your advantage to avoid needless drama or tension. Rest assured, though, that the tides will turn by June 11. Mars (action + your ruler) enters fellow fire sign Leo in your fifth house of creativity and pleasure. Now’s the time to mill about and enjoy yourself, whether socially or romantically. As Rams close out the month, do whatever nourishes your soul for the June 20 summer solstice. Then make boss moves at work near the June 24 full moon in Capricorn. Taurus bull symbol on purple and blue starry background


When it comes to Mercury retrograde this month, the greatest possibility for miscommunication occurs within your love life. Holding back your feelings? Dancing around topics that need to be discussed? Your goal is to find the courage to speak up before any tensions get worse. Then, over the June 10 new moon/solar eclipse, try to stay home. Consider it an invitation to channel super Taurean vibes, perhaps by indulging with a sweet treat or enlivening your senses with soothing music or luxe candles. Next, with Mars (action) entering bold Leo, set boundaries and ask for the respect you deserve—especially with matters concerning your home and family. Later on, breathe a sigh of relief once Mercury turns direct on June 22. Lastly, your work life should be aglow around the June 24 full moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn. Gemini twins symbol on purple and blue starry background


Happy birthday season! Here’s a great gift for you: With Venus (love + beauty) entering Cancer in your second house of material gain, you may receive a bonus or other type of payout. Ka-ching! Later, the June 10 new moon/solar eclipse may stir up some drama, so you’ll be wise to stay in and keep a low profile. Consider chilling out with a bottle of natural wine and whipping up some DIY beauty recipes until the astro calms down. Then, when Mars (action + energy) enters bold Leo in your third house of communication, use your famous gift of gab to connect with your pals on a more intimate level. Read: Elevate small talk to medium talk to strengthen your bonds. From there, mark your calendar for the end of Mercury retrograde on June 22 (woohoo!) and a potential career breakthrough/win around the June 24 full moon in hardworking Capricorn. Cancer crab symbol on purple and blue starry background


When romantic Venus enters your sign on June 2 in your first house of selfhood, it’s time to take charge in your personal life. Sure, you’re probably used to being the caretaker or soother in your relationships, but now it’s time for you to speak up and turn the tables for once. (For instance, if your sex life could be better, bring up new ideas or additions to shake up your between-the-sheets routine.) Then, over the June 10 new moon/solar eclipse, try to stay home to avoid potentially erratic astro energy. Start visualizing where you want to be a year from now, then double down on this manifestation for July’s new moon in your sign. Come June 20, there’s a summer solstice to celebrate, followed by Crab season. Get party-ready by getting your glow on with a fancy facial treat.Leo lion symbol on purple and blue starry background


On June 2, Venus enters Cancer in your 12th house of intuition. You may have a revelation concerning your love life. Over the June 10 new moon/solar eclipse, the same may apply regarding a certain friendship. (Note: Since Lions are ruled by the Sun, they’re more susceptible to being shaken up by such solar events.) Whether these realizations are joyful or not, the main idea is that you need relationships in your life that benefit you. Otherwise, let them go. You’ll then be ready to roar when Mars (action) enters your sign on June 11, which will empower you to establish boundaries and say thank u, next to naysayers. You’ll continue your ascent through the June 20 solstice. Invite warmth, creativity, and good vibes only as you bask in the summer sun. By the June 24 full moon in Capricorn, keep your health in check to avoid burning out. Virgo virgin woman symbol on purple and blue starry background


Other signs will specifically look to their romantic bonds with Venus (romance) in caring Cancer come June 2. However, your friendships will be at the fore instead. Lean on your closest allies—then with Mars (action) in bold Leo starting June 11, weed out anyone whose actions and energy are draining or downright toxic. Another twist is that while many signs are advised to lay low over the June 10 new moon/solar eclipse, these events take place in your house of public life. Take it as the go-ahead to party on or socialize in relative safety. Later, with the summer solstice on June 20 and kickoff of Cancer season, you may find yourself feeling more vulnerable than usual. Allow yourself to let down your guard for once and simply be. Soon, you can breathe a sigh of relief when Mercury (communication + your ruler) goes direct on June 22. Libra scales symbol on purple and blue starry background


With Venus in sensitive Cancer and your first house of selfhood as the month begins, make sure that you prioritize self-care across the board. Whether you feel the need to start meditating to reduce stress or simply want to give your skin some extra TLC, take care to… well, take care of yourself! Continue to lean into these me-first vibes and practices through the June 10 new moon/solar eclipse. On that same day, you may get information that’ll force you to reassess your perspective on a major matter. Approaching the news with a clear, calm mind can make all the difference. Later, the June 24 full moon in Capricorn will encourage you to revive and refresh your home. In sum, June 2021 is all about you, lovely Libra. Boost your defenses of all kinds to slay this month, one day at a time. Scorpio scorpion symbol on purple and blue starry background


Venusian vibes in caring Cancer and your ninth house of elevated pursuits point to sweet and stable domesticity. That said, as June begins, make your home as sweet as pie by cleaning up, airing out, and cooking a flavorful dish. Getting your house in order should help by the time the June 10 new moon/solar eclipse rears its head. It happens to take place in your eighth house of taboo and transformation, so tread lightly. (Read: stay calm, cool, and collected.) Thankfully, you’ll have better days to look forward to once Mars (action) enters fiery Leo in your 10th house of status the next day. This transit should give you a boost to up-level your goals, whether they pertain to work, love, or friendships. Circle the June 24 full moon in Capricorn to remember to speak up for what you want and deserve, especially at work. Sagittarius archer symbol on purple and blue starry background


As Venus (love + beauty) moves into nostalgic Cancer on June 2, your mind may turn to lovers and relationships past. Are there any feelings you’ve been suppressing or learnings you’ve otherwise disallowed to see the light? Crack that door open and see what’s inside, even if it may arouse some discomfort. This kind of work early in the month could benefit you for the June 10 new moon/solar eclipse, which takes place in your seventh house of partnerships. You’ll want to be gentle—not jarring—with your S/O or new fling to avoid unnecessary drama. On June 11, when Mars (action) enters fellow fire sign Leo in your native ninth house, dismiss any haters attempting to wreak havoc on your rep. Just remember: We’re also in the midst of Mercury retrograde (ending on June 22). It could potentially double down on misunderstandings and animosity. Capricorn goat symbol on purple and blue starry background


You may be entering June 2021 fresh off the heels of a platonic or romantic breakup. And while Venus (love + beauty) in Cancer should signal more optimism as the month begins, you’ll have to contribute to this energy to nudge it along. Winning ideas for doing so include being more affectionate with your loved ones and verbalizing your gratitude for the bonds you hold dearest. By the June 10 new moon/solar eclipse in your sixth house of health, double down on your wellness game. Book lingering medical appointments, get some fresh air and vitamin D in the great outdoors, and/or take notes on how doctors boost their immunity year-round. Then, come the June 20 summer solstice, it’s prime time to celebrate and do whatever brings you joy. By the June 24 full moon in your sign, expect good news at work or a kink-filled night. Aquarius water bearer symbol on purple and blue starry background


As the month begins, do your best to weed out excessive noise around you. In particular, aim to spend less time doomscrolling and refreshing your feed. Instead, work on improving your sleep habits and investigate how you can bolster your mental health. Once the June 10 new moon/solar eclipse in fickle Gemini occurs, be mindful of your words and mannerisms to avoid exacerbating any tensions. Rest assured that there are brighter days ahead—both literally and figuratively. That’s because June 20 marks the summer solstice, aka the longest day of the year. Consider heading to the beach, going hiking, or having a dance party outdoors to soak in the sun and let off some steam. Just be sure to (re)apply your sunscreen! Then, once Mercury turns direct on June 22, your digital media habits have a greater chance of becoming healthier, rather than potentially harmful.Pisces fish symbol on purple and blue starry background


Coming off the lovey dovey heels of May, June kicks off with amorous vibes aplenty, now thanks to Venus in your fifth house of romance. If your love life has been rocky as of late, consider this transit the sweet relief you’ve been waiting for. Whether you’re single and ready to mingle or need to spark up your current relationship, anticipate heaps of heart-eyed emojis ahead. Later, for the June 20 solstice, you’ll want to get outdoors with friends and cheers to a terrific summer ahead. On this same date, Jupiter (luck) starts its retrograde in your sign through mid-October. While retrogrades may make you feel like you’re swimming against the tide, they’re often only illusory. Harness your true sense of strength to safely go back to your best Fish flow. Neptune (intuition + your ruler) also retrogrades until December, urging you to find solace in reclusive reveries through the rest of 2021.
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