Thrive with Your February 2021 Wellness Horoscopes

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This month may be short on days, but certainly not astrological action. From Mercury retrograde through February 20 to fixed signs Aquarius and Taurus squaring off, some of us are in for a ride—but there’s nothing a bit of astrohacking can’t handle! Alas, your February 2021 wellness horoscopes are here to guide you through it all. As always, read the ‘scopes for your sun and rising signs for *all* the relevant astro insights.

February 2021 Wellness Horoscopes

Aries ram symbol on purple and blue starry background


As we saw last month, 2021 is all about who you know—especially when it comes to work alliances. The more you network both within and outside of your industry, the more potential you’ll have to bolster professional victories over the course of the year. Meanwhile, you may also notice that your values, perspectives, and/or general lifestyle have shifted quite a bit recently. As a result, your social circle may appear to be frayed or not as tight as it once was. As long as your primary pals support you and your new outlook and endeavors, all is groovy. But if they resort to judgement or simply don’t vibe with you anymore, don’t be afraid to say sayonara. People’s true colors should come out throughout Mercury retrograde (ending February 20), and you’ll likely gain clarity particularly around the February 11 new moon. Taurus bull symbol on purple and blue starry background


With disruptor Uranus in Taurus—heightened by Saturn (discipline) in Aquarius and bolstered by Pluto (rebirth)—Bulls may feel like an open Chrome tab that’s constantly being refreshed. Outside forces seem to constantly force you to update or improve your flow. The good part: These pushes and pulls can be advantageous if you’re open to them. The not-as-good part: Tauruses are typically less amenable to adapting to change, especially if they’re not writing the script. There’s also the conflicting Aquarius energy dominating the first half of the month. All said, you still have Uranus and Mars (action) in full force in your sign for all of February, so your earthy grit and resolve should see you through past any limitations. Even better, Neptune syncs with Mars from February 12 through 16. Consider it a hot Valentine’s Day bonus for your libido and allure alike. Read: Admirers will find you simply irresistible. Gemini twins symbol on purple and blue starry background


As February 2021 begins, you’re more laser-focused on what you want in life and what you need to get there. If this clarity hasn’t kicked in yet, circle the days surrounding the February 11 new moon, a great time to get more centered. If you’ve been thinking of starting a meditation practice, these tips await you. Further, if you let go of something holding you back (or another plan of action fell through) in January, consider it dead weight. Come spring, you’ll be glad you pivoted to your current path. Next, consider yourself lucky that Mercury (communication + your ruler) is retrograde in your ninth house. Thanks to this placement, you should be in a good place to sidestep the typical Merc retro pain points, so long as you prize elevated pursuits. Suggestions: indulging in quality reads, learning a new craft, and avoiding charged, clickbait-y content. Cancer crab symbol on purple and blue starry background


Isn’t it about time Crabs had smooth sailing on the horizon? With Saturn fully out of Capricorn, you’re getting back into the slower, more comforting daily groove you prefer. In the meantime, your personal relationships—friendships and love links alike—are looking healthy and happy this month. Dedicate time to growing closer to the most important people in your life (health guidelines permitting, of course). Maybe that entails taking a socially distanced weekend hike, or even having a chat with your S/O about how often you have sex. No matter the means of connecting, the relationships that matter to you most should flourish. Lastly, it’s a good time to get proactive about your finances. Whether you outsource your taxes to a professional or sign up for new digital budgeting tools, the astro suggests that you modernize money management. Leo lion symbol on purple and blue starry background


While Leos are at home at center stage, now’s a better time to be manning the spotlight, so to say, rather than basking in it. In fact, you’ll be better suited retreating to your Leonine lair and being more measured—and even tight-lipped—in most areas of your life through the first half of the month. Unfortunately, Merc retro (January 30 through February 20) may stir up tension or miscommunication, no matter how diligently you rehearse and how eloquently you elucidate your POV. I know, this isn’t what you want to hear (or what this Leo Sun/Mercury/Mars looks forward to experiencing herself). But as Young Thug, a fellow Leo, puts it, there’s gonna be some good times soon enough—particularly as Pisces season kicks off on February 19. From then forward, anticipate fruitful outcomes at work via assistance from kind co-workers and/or completion of a long-term project or goal. Virgo virgin woman symbol on purple and blue starry background


Some of us will be extra diligent this month to avoid Mercury retrograde hiccups (think: tech glitches, contractual snafus, and general miscommunication). But Virgos will be all the wiser to preemptively prep for the February 27 full moon in their sign, which syncs with disruptor Uranus. Rest assured, I’m not talking about anything apocalyptic. However, I am talking about addressing things that may provoke discomfort, such as changing habits that you know need to go (or begin) and confronting people/situations you’ve been avoiding. Simply put, take a love it or leave it approach on both fronts. You can think of it as a necessary, internal KonMari makeover. Otherwise, this month’s heavy Aquarian vibes are particularly beneficial for your wellness game. Adopt new rituals (perhaps channeling positive stress or upgrading nutrition) around the February 11 new moon. Expect glowing results within the next five weeks, if not sooner. Libra scales symbol on purple and blue starry background


February 2021 begins with strong Aquarian vibes. Essentially, if the signs starred in Entourage, Aquarius would be movie star Vinny Chase, while you and Geminis (fellow air signs) would go along for the ride as part of the titular squad. Dated cultural reference aside, air out and glow up this Aquarius season. One caveat: You also need to take Mars and no-longer-retrograde Uranus in Taurus challenge into consideration. For you, that points to how you handle third-party money, taboos, and sex. Overall, be mindful of your spending and how you approach charged topics. You may also be in a giving mood, whether that involves your time, resources, etc. Just reserve enough alone time to revitalize before your well runs dry. Meanwhile, your intuition should grow sharper this month. Consider learning how to decode your strange quarantine dreams, practicing intuitive eating, or finding other ways to stimulate your subconscious. Scorpio scorpion symbol on purple and blue starry background


January’s Mars-Uranus conjunction may have brought an underdog (person or situation) to light. Or perhaps you were met with a surprise out of nowhere. At any rate, you’re now inspired and energized to use such recent developments to your advantage. You emerge this month with clarity and a game plan; keep the past in the past, and look to what’s ahead. If you need to break some bad habits along the way or otherwise reinvent your processes or yourself, now’s the time. Even a minor home upgrade—such as deep cleaning, feng shui redecoration, or an air purifier purchase—can prove advantageous to your whole go-getter vibe. That said, maintain a cool, measured ambience. Slow and steady wins the race here; a faster frenzy may attract sneers or suspicion. If you feel compelled to share your moves, February 5 through 15 is your best window for secure self-expression. Sagittarius archer symbol on purple and blue starry background


Mercury retrogrades in your solar communications sector, meaning you must keep a watchful eye on your speech and delivery. There’s a good chance you’ll say things you don’t mean or your words will be taken out of context, so check yourself before you wreck yourself. In other matters, if you want to show something off to your friends or the world at large, you’ll get the best response around the February 11 new moon. Next, even if Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, it promises to be romantic nonetheless. (If needed, these foods can give your libido a pick-me-up.) Later, the February 27 full moon in Virgo will emphasize your career and how it vibes (or doesn’t vibe) with other parts of your life. Whether you’ve yet to strike a healthy work-life balance or you need to better organize your tasks and goals, Virgo vibes want you to hop to it. Capricorn goat symbol on purple and blue starry background


All astro happenings considered, Caps are perfectly positioned to cash out this month. First, you have Jupiter (luck) in your money sector. Plus, Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus can benefit you by getting a lucrative new project or side hustle off the ground. Other possibilities include you investing in someone else’s venture or developing your marketable skills. In any case, all signs point to dollar signs through February 18. However, with Saturn (your ruler) square Uranus from February 7 through March 3, you may be faced with challenges pertaining to your love life and/or creativity that compromise your money moves. Ask yourself what your priorities are for the near future to guide your daily habits and behavior. On top of that, you’ll get a better sense of the company you’ll want to keep along for the ride. (Naysayers and negative Neds and Nancys need not apply.)Aquarius water bearer symbol on purple and blue starry background


Happy birthday season! Yes, 2021 is yours for the taking; consider the February 11 Aquarius new moon an epic kickoff. Flag this and the week after to be bold and “take things to the next level.” Examples: lift an ambitious project off the ground or get more serious with your special someone. Perhaps you’ll go official, move in together, or even get engaged. (Yes, this coincides with Valentine’s Day, which could be tacky or tasteful, depending on how you play it.) Essentially, grand gestures get the go-ahead. And luckily, the big Aquarius energy abounding is likely to overpower major Merc retro glitches. As great as it all sounds, you’ll still have to navigate your way through Mars in Taurus squaring several planets in Aquarius. Both signs are fixed and willful; be sensible and even stoic, especially re: home and negotiations. Pisces fish symbol on purple and blue starry background


In addition to Mercury retrograde through February 20, planetary face-offs in fixed signs Aquarius and Taurus take center stage. It’s like there’s a blockbuster boxing match that everyone’s watching. Meanwhile, you’re in lala land, immune to all the chaos and power plays. In fact, now would be a good time to strategically retreat from people in your life with such charged energy. You don’t need to ditch them for good, but you should do what’s needed to protect your own energy and inner harmony from unbudging acquaintances and other intense types. Then, Virgo vibes from the February 27 full moon may greet you as early as the start of Pisces season. Be proactive and double check pertinent details related to relationships and work developments. Tap into your powers of observation from your sight and third eye alike.
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