May 2020 Wellness Horoscopes for Planetary Intel

Happy month of May from my home to your very own social distancing sanctuary! I hope your May 2020 wellness horoscopes and the warmer temps will put some pep in your step. As always, read your sun and rising ‘scopes for a one-two punch of actionable intel. I have two big planetary shifts for you to be mindful of this month. First, Mars (action) transitions into the cool waters of Pisces on May 12. Read: Use this time to make your dreams a reality. On the same day, Venus will retrograde through June 24. As Venus rules over beauty and love, it’s not the best time to dabble in experimentation, take risks, or make major moves in either category. So put down the blue box dye, hold off on planning an impromptu Zoom wedding, and get to astrohacking instead.

May 2020 Wellness Horoscopes

Taurus bull symbol on purple and blue starry background


Happy birthday season! You likely received a work-related gift last month. Yet if there are still loose ends that need tying, speak up before Mars enters less go-getting Pisces on May 12. On that same day, Venus (your ruler) will retrograde until June 24. No-go’s during Venus retrograde, especially for Bulls and Libras, include beauty makeovers and taking big leaps in love. As your homebound hairstylist will tell you, don’t reach for the scissors or dye yourself. You can, however, try out less risky endeavors: think simple beauty DIYs or investing in an LED light mask. Next, you get more chances to boost your career prospects if you need a last-ditch effort as Bull birthday season comes to a close. Mark May 14 to 18 and the May 22 new moon with money signs on your calendar. Finally, expect to hear wonderfully welcome news from a friend on May 24. Gemini twins symbol on purple and blue starry background


Your hard work on a creative project should finalize by the May 7 full moon. Join higher-ups to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Yet even more advantageous is Mars venturing into Pisces from May 12 through June 27. Luckily, it’ll be in your house of achievement for the first time in two years. Read: Enter boss mode. Then, the May 22 new moon will join the Sun, Venus, and Mercury—all in Gemini—to make for a brilliant, all-eyes-on-you day. However, with Venus retrograde in your sign, you’ll be smart to delay any big changes in beauty and romance. Concurrently, Jupiter and Pluto’s friendliness indicate there’s some cash coming your way. Lastly, you’ll feel extra confident once birthday season kicks off. Make like model Shanina Shaik and keep your mind sharp, your body right, and your days at home positive and productive. Cancer crab symbol on purple and blue starry background


The bad news: We’re all largely still at home. The good news: The May 7 full moon in your house of true love—the only time all year—suggests romance is ripe for picking. Single Crabs should work their thumbs for flirty texting, while coupled-up Crabs can find more solid common ground or new ways of showing affection. Next, when Mars enters Pisces (fellow water sign) on May 12, you can stress less about expenses. While it’d also be a great time to travel, start bookmarking options—fingers crossed, perhaps viable around your birthday—for a getaway. And speaking of planning, the May 22 new moon, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury will all be in your 12th house of privacy and rumination. Say sayonara to friends, family, and flings; dedicate time to yourself to think about what you want in the near future and how to get there. Leo lion symbol on purple and blue starry background


Around the May 7 full moon, connect with your loved ones. Doing so will not only make them feel special, but also boost your health. Next, true to your planetary theme for 2020, you’ve likely accelerated your work output lately. However, remember you’re in the midst of an extended period of hustling and qualitative praise versus solid, quantifiable gains. You’re keener than most with this type of setup, as Lions revel in even the subtlest ego boost. Interestingly, studies show that social praise may encourage even greater work output than monetary reward, even for luxe-loving Leos. That said, expect acclaim from a VIP on/around May 14. Shortly after on May 17, Jupiter (luck) will commingle with the Sun (your ruler) for other work wins. However, once Mars (action) shifts to your 10th house of career for 40 days, restrategize to keep your progress on track. Virgo virgin woman symbol on purple and blue starry background


Around the May 7 full moon, you’ll yearn to get away for quiet time. Do what you can, as you have a packed month for work. Reminder: Just because you’re inherently practical doesn’t mean you don’t have creative capabilities. The planets encourage you to run with your right brain, especially over May 14 to 18, to get a leg up at work. I suggest you walk regularly to amp up your creative flow, reap a host of other winning benefits, and get in your cardio. Be cautious as Mars will be in a challenging position to the Gemini new moon and sun, indicating you may hit some road bumps en route to achieving your goals. However, don’t worry, as success is imminent. By the May 22 new moon, expect major career growth to ride you through month’s end. The name of the game come Gemini season: bigger, better business beginnings. Libra scales symbol on purple and blue starry background


Tie up any lingering money matters in the days surrounding the May 7 full moon. Similarly, you may come across a new opportunity for some type of loan or a generous monetary gift from a family member around mid-month. (If the latter is the case, remind both the donor and yourself of your gratitude.) All said, Saturn will ensure you get wiser over the long term about your finances. Come the month’s second half, you may have an itch to journey for a new cultural experience. If travel warnings are still in place, you can find similar stimulation through learning at home via books and other media, or cooking foreign cuisine. Finally, single Librans should consider Venus retrograde (May 12 through June 24) a built-in time for solo pursuits. Meanwhile, those who are attached may either find their relationships to be lighter, or may start to rethink the union entirely. Scorpio scorpion symbol on purple and blue starry background


The May 7 full moon in Scorpio will strongly encourage you to focus on your desires and feelings in relation to a partnership. If love is on your mind, single Scorpios have great aspects to meet worthy suitors (digitally, of course). Assuming you won’t meet IRL anytime too soon, you’ll be better able to battle the shaky ground of Venus retrograde (May 12 through June 24), not a great time for new commitments. Otherwise, attached Scorpios will feel the love and should communicate it to their S/O’s accordingly, maybe even taking “the next step.” Next, are you due for a review at work or need to settle any finances? State your case with your boss on May 14, star the days around May 17 for money to come your way, and broker any third-party deals around the May 22 new moon in Gemini. Sagittarius archer symbol on purple and blue starry background


While Sags are typically sociable, you’ll want to weed out any noise around the May 7 full moon. Sure, you’ll likely already be homebound, but it’ll serve you to set your phone on silent, take a social media detox, and focus on yourself. Need inspo for self-reflection? Take cues from boss babe Jen Gotch to get your mind right. Next, while Sags on the whole seem financially stable, use May 14 through 18 to find new opportunities for extra cash. Then, with Venus moving into your 7th house of commitment during its retrograde, attached Archers will likely do some soul searching about the state of their relationship. Perhaps you’re nervous and are thinking of putting the brakes on further developments. Conversely, maybe you’ve been on the fence for a bit, but now realize you’re ready to forge ahead. Either way, you should find clarity by the May 22 new moon. Capricorn goat symbol on purple and blue starry background


The May 7 full moon will be celebratory, whether for a Zoom happy hour or commemorating a work win. You also may have other reasons to toast, given a new personal development or additional praise on the job. Come the May 22 new moon, you’ll actively collaborate with others for an enjoyable project. (Speaking of work, are you following the best tips for a WFH setup?) However, if you happen to be faced with a lucrative offer from a new company, it’s not necessarily the best time to take it. Venus rules your 10th house of career, so you’ll be particularly susceptible to its retrograde May 12 through June 24. If recent world events have you without income, then surely take it. Otherwise, try to hold out. Backtracking a bit, come mid-Month, the new Mars transition indicates you’ll spend less money than you have over the past month or so.

Aquarius water bearer symbol on purple and blue starry background


With get-your-act-right Saturn still in your sign until July, you’re seeing the first developments of major life changes to come within the next year or so. It’s especially apparent in your work life, which may have been touch and go for the better part of the past year. With the May 7 full moon in your 10th house of honors, you’ll see at last that you’re on the right path. Ride this wave by bringing your innate creativity to the table, yet with Jupiter and Pluto in earthy Capricorn, also root yourself in practicality. Still, with Mars on your side through May 12, make the most of this benefic aspect to galvanize others to join your initiatives. While you’re at it, you may as well brush up on your leadership skills. Finally, Venus oversees your residence, so avoid finding new digs during its retrograde (May 12 through June 24). Pisces fish symbol on purple and blue starry background


May 2020 will be great for Fish folk. First, around the May 7 full moon, you’ll long for faraway places and to indulge new modes of thought. However, given travel warnings and social distancing, find other ways to feed this need. Great alternatives include watching foreign films, taking a MasterClass, or—especially for thoughtful Pisces—reading beautiful poetry or intriguing philosophical works. Then, Mars (action, determination) enters your sign on May 12, where it’ll stay through June 27. While you’re usually more low key in your doings, this aspect will give you the courage and confidence you need to get your way. Look to your vision board or 2020 resolutions and hop (swim?) to it. Finally, seek out payments due before Venus retro on May 12, as the planet rules your 8th house of other people’s money, and expect to feel the love from a friend on May 17. Aries ram symbol on purple and blue starry background


Similar to last month, Rams are racking up professional victories. Still finalizing negotiations for a raise or contract? The May 7 full moon, paired with Saturn (seriousness) and Uranus (surprises), will force you to be reasonable. Now’s not the time to shoot for too many dollar signs. That said, Mercury and Pluto’s positioning ensure you’ll still benefit from the final agreement. Rest up as best you can once Mars (action + your ruler) moves to Pisces from May 12 through June 24. Your ruler in this dreamy water sign signals you swap manic maneuvers for meditation and HIIT workouts for low-impact alternatives. While you’re at it, get better rest. If you discipline yourself to tame your fiery ways, wellness wins will come. With the May 22 new moon, you’ll be busy as a bee with new assignments and liaising with teammates. You can still take charge; just dial back the intensity.
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