Want to Get Better Sleep? Here’s How…

Struggling to fall asleep? The problem and solution just might be dictated by astrology, so read up on healthy sleep tips based on your zodiac sign.

Twinkle twinkle little star; are your sleeping habits up to par?

Most of us experience sleepless nights from time to time, but anything more than the occasional bout of restlessness can lead to poor outcomes for your mental health, energy levels, and overall well-being. Yet it’s one thing to say that you need enough high-quality sleep each night and something else entirely to actually achieve it.

If you could use some insights and tips to unwind before hitting the hay, it just may help to look to the stars—both in the night sky and from an astrological standpoint. Keep reading to see what could be standing in your way of getting a great night’s rest based on your zodiac sign. Plus: accompanying sleep tips to catch more ZZZ’s with greater ease, according to astrology.


Rams are quintessential go-getters, and luckily for them they often have tons of energy to boot. They can have trouble staying still, as they prefer the rush and thrill of more active pursuits. This could include signing up for a challenging project at work that requires lots of moving parts (and even voluntary late nights at the office), or preferring high-intensity workouts that they absolutely *must* pack into their day. However, engaging in stimulating activities after sunset can equate to a harder time falling asleep. Aim to wind things down by dinnertime so your body knows it’s time to relax. Also, if you’re not keen to trade your power workouts for calmer fare like yoga or Pilates, you’ll be better off scheduling your sweat sesh for the morning.


Bulls don’t tire easily and are capable of assuming weightier responsibilities than most. They take their work ethic and sense of accomplishment in stride, and typically won’t complain or get overwhelmed when things get hectic. (Share your secrets with the rest of us, please.) With that said, they can come close to reaching a breaking point every so often, feeling exhausted yet still unable to get enough shut-eye to power them through their busy schedules. Tauruses can benefit from integrating sensual pleasures into their pre-ZZZ routine. Think: bedtime lattes, scented candles, and fuzzy blankets. A little nightly self-care can go a long way to restore and reinvigorate a Bull by morning.

Cozy bedroom at night with candles and tea; sleep astrology concept


To stave off boredom and stay on their toes, Gems like to pivot from one thing to the next, seemingly at the speed of light. This tendency can make them prone to procrastination. Leaving tasks only partially finished or putting off looming deadlines until the 11th hour can be self-sabotaging, leaving them hot and bothered the night before. If this sounds all too familiar, consider getting ahead of your to-do list a bit sooner than usual. Doing so might not satisfy your innate desire to switch things up and go with your own flow, but it can support less stress and better rest.


Cancers are among the most sensitive signs in the zodiac. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; a lot of their worries tend to be about the welfare of those they care about most. Paired with the fact that Crabs are ruled by the moon, the nighttime can illuminate their stresses and worries. To prevent your emotions from overwhelming you when you should be fast asleep, it can help to follow a bedtime routine that’s all about you—yes, you—and your own self-care. Think: a calming bath, a dedicated nighttime skincare regimen, a yin yoga flow… whatever can help you get out of your head and in a place of ease. Giving your mind a rest and your body some TLC can work wonders to take the edge off.


Lions live and breathe luxury. Pleasure in the now tends to outweigh considerations of plausibility in the future—especially where finances are concerned. “Budget” can be something akin to a dirty word in a Leo’s vocabulary… or at the very least a concept that’s pretty foreign to them. However, spending beyond their means can leave them tossing and turning at night, musing if it’s really the best choice to max out their credit cards on weekly blowouts and designer duds that’ll probably be out of season in a few months’ time. In truth, they probably won’t regret it too much, but being a bit more conservative with their spending habits can promote both financial wellness and better beauty sleep.


Virgos feel at home when they have a lot on their plate. They’ll do their damnedest to do anything and everything asked of them and have a hard time saying no, delegating, or accepting help. As efficient and organized as Virgos can be, you have to remember that you’re a human and not a robot. By the time you get to bed, you should be counting sheep—not how many obligations you need to blaze through the second you wake up the next morning. It may feel counterintuitive to politely decline unnecessary requests that come your way, or to take up someone’s offer for even the slightest amount of help. While you likely can do it all, you shouldn’t have to. Give yourself permission to rest and recharge and build some time for yourself.

Worried man looking at his phone in the middle of the night, suffering from poor sleep


Libra is represented by the symbol of the scales, which indicates that they don’t like to tip things off balance. And since they’re among the more sociable astrological signs, their longing for harmony can have them sacrificing their own needs to accommodate those of their friends, family members, or partner. As noble as it can be to put others first, putting yourself last isn’t exactly the healthiest habit, either—especially if your people-pleasing tendencies lead you to answer every “urgent” phone call or text, even into the wee hours of the night. Allow yourself to put your phone’s Do Not Disturb mode to use whenever the mood strikes, but particularly before you crawl into bed.


Scorpios feel things more deeply than the majority of the other signs, though they’ll do everything in their power to avoid showing it. Whether they’re slighted by a colleague at work or feel that the person they’re dating is showing even the slightest signs of pulling away, the discomfort can strike them at their core… and then it’ll fester. Since the last thing you want is to show that you’re hurt or feel any type of way, you may replay unsavory scenarios in your head at all hours of the night. Since these patterns aren’t productive, it may help to journal about them at the very least so you have an outlet and can sleep more soundly.


There are so many things that Sags wish to explore and uncover, and they like to go over it all with a fine-toothed comb and at full speed. Perhaps you have dozens of tabs open searching for your next vacation abroad, you have your nose stuck in an obscure book about ancient civilizations, or you’re committed to binge-watching a 12-part documentary series in one go. Cultural exploration and intellectual stimulation are worthy pursuits, of course… but maybe not until 3 a.m. It’s great to be passionate about your hobbies and interests (you’re a fire sign, after all), but try to indulge yourself in the daylight hours so your mind can recuperate come nighttime.


Many Capricorns have perfectionist tendencies. “If you’re going to do something, do it right” is one of their guiding principles, which speaks to their efficiency, determination, and strong work ethic. Sure, this all sounds great on paper, and racking up praise and accomplishments for their efforts is one of their life’s greatest pleasures. But if they feel that they come up short—perhaps if they didn’t ace a presentation, are in between jobs, or didn’t live up to their exacting ideals otherwise—they can feel let down and diminished. Remember that it’s not worth losing sleep over the occasional slip-up. After all, the opportunity for your next win is right around the corner, and you’ll need your nightly ZZZ’s to bounce back to your typical top form.


Aquarians prefer to march to the beat of their own drum. Highly independent, creative, and experimental, they tend to be visionaries and excel when taking a leadership position. However, when they lack the freedom or support to spread their wings—perhaps due to a micromanaging boss, or members of their inner circle who push back on their ideas or pursuits—they can get irritated, defiant, or simply let down. They’re not the greatest at managing stress, so it’s helpful to find ways to get better at it so it doesn’t impact their sleep or greater health. This air sign may want to try out breathing exercises to cool off, or integrate calming adaptogens into their routine.


Pisces are known to be creative, sensitive, and idealistic, hence why they’re regularly referred to as the dreamers of the zodiac. However, to them it can feel like there’s an endless stream of things to worry about: their loved ones, the state of the world, the subtext of any text message sent their way… the list goes on. With all this musing—even on lighter, happier thoughts and visions for the future—it can prevent them from clocking in enough rest for actual dreaming in the REM stages of sleep. Once you settle under the covers, do what you can to put your mental and emotional activity to rest. A guided meditation can help, as you’ll focus on your breathing, body, and someone else’s voice rather than your own inner monologue. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself drifting off into dreamland.

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