The Best Productivity Framework for You, Based on Your Astrological Sign

Want to learn how to be more productive but not sure where to start? Look to the stars. Astrology can offer a guiding light when it comes to choosing a productivity framework and finding productivity hacks that work for your personality.

Maybe you’re coming out of a slump and want to kick it back into high gear, maybe it’s the back-to-school vibes or Virgo season in the air. Or maybe you’re just beginning a new season in your life and want to boost your productivity.  If you’re ready to get your proverbial ducks in order to set yourself up for success, there are dozens of organizational frameworks to help you improve in all things productivity and organization.

But not all productivity methods work for everyone, which is why it’s beneficial to tailor your hustle and (work)flow to your personal preferences—and sometimes, even the zodiac. Below, check out our picks for the best productivity framework based on your astrological sign. As always, read up on the insights for your sun *and* rising signs to see which selection sparks your interest the most. Here’s how to be more productive, according to your astrological sign.

Aries: Monotasking

be more productive

Those born under the first sign of the zodiac tend to bring their signature fiery energy to all that they do, though it can be challenging to maintain focus and stamina without burning out or getting agitated. For these reasons, monotasking can serve to their benefit despite their innate tendency to do everything all at once… and at a rapid pace, at that. Monotasking involves clearing your workspace of all distractions (think phone alerts, lots of open tabs, etc.), choosing one task to focus on, and setting a timer to make progress on it before treating yourself to a break. Once they get the hang of it, Rams may find that they’re not only more productive, organized, and energized, but also less stressed.

Taurus: Tasks Before Treats

how to be more productive treats

Bulls are amongst the most pleasure-seeking signs of the zodiac. With that said, if there’s something they’d rather not get done because it’s tedious or otherwise unpalatable, they can be prone to procrastination or outright avoidance. To put more pep in your step, make a list of the tasks you absolutely need to get done, then designate a treat you’ll enjoy by completing them. Maybe you’ve been putting off writing briefs for your co-workers to review or are used to delaying meetings that aren’t time-sensitive. Once you complete these to-dos, you’ll not only clear up more space on your calendar (and avoid the dread you may feel each morning by putting these tasks off) but also “earn” the treat of your choice, whether that’s a decadent dessert, glass of vino, luxurious bubble bath later in the day, or a new book purchase.

Gemini: The Pomodoro Method

how to be more productive coffee

Geminis are prone to getting excited about *all* the things, and their main focus can change at any given moment. While this quality is great for curiosity’s sake, it’s not so stellar from a productivity standpoint. Perhaps you have so many leads and ideas to explore that you’re not sure where to begin, or maybe you spend as much time thinking about getting things done as you do actually, you know, get things done. To minimize distractions and promote greater focus, Gems may find their best flow with the Pomodoro Method. It involves choosing one task and breaking ground on that (and that only) for 25 minutes. Once your timer goes off, enjoy a five-minute break to let your mind roam free, then repeat the process throughout the day. Since variety is the spice of a Gemini’s life, these short intervals permit you to shake up your to-dos without feeling restrained or flat-out bored.

Cancer: Take Self-Care Breaks

how to be more productive journal

Are you a Cancer wondering how to be more productive? Cancers are known to take care of others before they take care of themselves, which can inevitably lead to trouble in their personal and professional lives. As reluctant as they may be to do so, it’s essential that they dedicate some alone time to nurture themselves, too. To get the ball rolling, consider taking a few built-in self-care breaks throughout the work day. This could include starting your morning with a short guided meditation, taking a walk during your lunch break, or stretching it out for a few minutes in between meetings. The more Crabs care for themselves, the better they can look after their friends, family, and colleagues—and the more harmonious and balanced they’ll feel both on and off the clock.

Leo: Celebration and Self-Hype

how to be more productive self hype

“I’ll pass on that ego boost” … said no Leo ever. Since Lions feel and function their best with some healthy praise, they can stay on their A-game by keeping visual representations of their achievements and strengths front and center. Perhaps you won an award or two, got a glowing review, or received a kind note from a co-worker or client that expressed just how much you’ve earned the title of queen or king of the jungle that is your job. Put these markers of success in plain view on your wall or desk, which can work wonders to remind yourself how you’ve slayed in the past and can surely keep on killing it. Jotting down some motivational, self-affirming notes in your journal or planner can’t hurt Lions either. Think: I will achieve ABC goal because of my undeniable ability to XYZ. (Check out our guide to using and creating your own positive affirmations.)

Virgo: Time Blocking

how to be more productive camera

As we hinted at earlier, Virgos are practical, dedicated, and innately more organized than most other signs. As a result, it shouldn’t be too challenging for them to stay focused and productive—but it’s in their nature to keep on striving for perfection regardless. (Not to mention that neatness and proper planning provide them with an exorbitant amount of calmness and delight.) With these points in mind, Virgos will likely enjoy time blocking to map out both their personal and professional routines. It entails mapping out all of your to-dos, along with how long each will take; from there, build your schedule accordingly. For instance, you might block off 15 minutes each morning and after lunch to catch up on emails, make time for a 30-minute sweat sesh on alternating days, or dedicate one afternoon a week for self-development. This productivity framework is both structured (a definite perk for Virgos) and flexible based on your personal needs, which can vary from one day or week to the next.

Libra: Enlist an Accountability Partner

how to be more productive accountability partner

Libras are the quintessential BFFs of the zodiac. Simply put, they’re always in demand for a quick catch-up, social outing, or more serious heart-to-heart. Since they’re so used to—and generally wonderful at—connecting with others, Libras can use this to their advantage by joining forces with a friend or group for an accountability partnership. On a regular (perhaps weekly) basis, schedule a call, video chat, or IRL sesh to map out and discuss your to-dos. By the next session, you’ll review the progress you made, talk about what worked and what didn’t, and bounce off ideas to make the next week more productive—all the while staying on top of your tasks and maintaining your trademark sociability.

Scorpio: Eat the Frog Method

how to be more productive eat the frog

Plant-based Scorps, stay with me here. This method simply involves identifying the most challenging task on your list—or the one you don’t necessarily want to do, but must—and then making that the first thing you do in the morning. While this productivity framework is often recommended for serial procrastinators, it’s also great for more strong-willed, determined folks like Scoprios since they thrive on intensity and a sense of accomplishment. Scorpios will love the thrill of conquering a difficult to-do, which can satisfy their competitive nature (yes, even within themselves) and boost their confidence and mood for the rest of the day.

Sagittarius: Must, Should, Want Method

productivity hacks

Sags are known to be intellectually curious adventurers in mind and spirit. However, these qualities can make Archers muss and fuss when it’s time to concentrate and get down to business. After all, there’s a wonderful world out there just begging to be explored… which sounds a lot more fun than sitting still and tackling tedious tasks. If this sounds familiar, try out the straightforward Must, Should, Want Method. All you’ll need to do is write out what you must get done (time-sensitive tasks and other obligations), what you should get done (action items that have a bit more flexibility but can assist your longer-term goals and duties), and what you want to get done (i.e., all the more exciting things you wish to explore and enjoy). Work your way from the top down, keeping your “wants” in plain view to motivate you to stay the course.

Capricorn: Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Method

how to be more productive glasses

Capricorns don’t often require a ton of help getting their ish together at work, as their trademark discipline and focus inevitably serve them well on the job. With that said, productivity frameworks that allow them to tap into their regimented, goal-setting nature can set them up for even greater success. The OKR Method is great for Caps since it allows them to hone in on a specific objective (say, a promotion within six months) and then outline the key results that will help them achieve it (i.e., reaching or exceeding a specific set of KPIs). This productivity method requires commitment, consistency, and a clear action plan—all of which should be easy peasy for this industrious earth sign.

Aquarius: Take Advantage of Technology

how to be more productive computer

Since Aquarians are the technological innovators of the zodiac, their best productivity framework will involve the latest tools, gadgets, and apps to supercharge their progress. For starters, it goes without saying that they’ll need to have their computer souped up with the latest OS updates and software. From there, project management tools can help keep their projects on track, whether for their own use or to collaborate with others. Yet just as tech can promote productivity, it can also hinder it—so be mindful of distractions like unnecessary push notifications, sound alerts, email clutter, and the like. Reconfigure these settings so you can keep your eyes on the prize of enhanced focus and productivity.

Pisces: Weekly Reviews

how to be more productive list

Since those born under the sign of Pisces are among the most reflective people of the zodiac, their innate thoughtfulness can be put to good use on the productivity front. Before the start of each week, think back to the past seven days. Perhaps you’ll recall that blocking all of your meetings in the mornings or on a certain day allowed you to have more personal time later on to blaze through your tasks without interruptions. Otherwise, you may find that putting off a major project led to restless nights, which in turn impeded your ability to work and feel your best. Take note of the habits, behaviors, and actions that helped or hindered your workflow, then stick to or adjust them accordingly for the week ahead. In due time, you’ll find yourself swimming harmoniously with (rather than against) the tide.

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