How to Use Facial Mapping to Reduce Breakouts

A variety of dietary, lifestyle, and genetic factors can play a role in your complexion. For those who are acne-prone, paying attention to where you break out can tell you more about what is going on beneath the surface. From there, you can map your breakouts to find the best vitamins for acne! Your skin is a reflection of your health and well-being. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s thought that the different areas of the face correlate to different parts of your body. Over the past few years, much more attention has been paid to how your face is a guide to the health of correlating organs. Western medicine has yet to look at facial mapping in depth. However, if you find yourself breaking out in the same facial regions regularly, facial mapping is an interesting way to take a deeper look at the way our skin and wellness starts from within. Facial Mapping for Acne - The Wellnest by HUM Nutrition

Map Your Breakouts to Find the Best Vitamins for Acne

You can learn how to improve your health and skin by paying attention to and reading facial cues. If you find the cause of your breakouts is related to the function of correlating organs, here are some of the best vitamins for acne based on skin mapping!

A. Forehead: Digestion

In Chinese Medicine, the forehead is linked to digestion. As we’ve previously discussed, the microbes in the digestive tract play a large role skin health and well-being. Growing research indicates how a diverse and healthy gut flora helps skin concerns including eczema and inflammation. Essentially, some of the best vitamins for forehead breakouts are those that boost your digestive health. Probiotic supplements can help healthy bacteria in your gut flourish. You can even see the best probiotic strains to take for your breakouts here.

B. T-Zone: Liver

Breakouts in the T-zone area between your eyebrows and upper nose might be linked to the liver. Stress on your liver, which filters foreign toxins, might be due to an abundance of alcohol consumption, over-processed foods, caffeine, or even chemicals like pesticides. To address breakouts showing up in relation to your liver, try going for more whole foods. (Think less packaging, shorter ingredient lists, and organic foods.) Some of the best vitamins for acne in your T-zone are those with cleansing functions. These include milk thistle, dandelion, and botanicals such as the algae chlorella—the key detoxing herbs in HUM’s  Daily Cleanse!

C. Nose: Blood Pressure

The nose links to the heart, meaning blemishes around your nose might relate back to high blood pressure. If this is the case for you, look to ways you can relieve stress in your life. Try meditation, breathing exercises, or any of our 17 tips to de-stress and fight fatigue. In addition, adding healthy essential fats in the form of avocado, chia seeds, flaxseeds, or olive oil and removing saturated fats from your diet can be helpful. A high-quality fish-oil supplement can also support a healthy heart and reduce inflammation throughout the skin.

D. Cheeks: Lungs

The rosy tops of your cheeks connect to your lungs. Toxins from air pollution and smoking might play a role here. Both can clog pores along with the dirt and oil on your skin’s surface and exacerbate acne. If this is the case, vitamins C, A, and E are some of the best clearing vitamins for acne. Vitamin A can be beneficial in preventing infections. Next, vitamin C helps regulate the immune system and collagen production. Lastly, vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that can help reduce inflammation.

E. Chin: Hormones

Breakouts in the chin region typically relate to fluctuating hormones, often in accordance with your menstrual cycle. This sort of hormonal imbalance can also arise from stress, so finding ways to manage stress through exercise, meditation, and restful sleep will again be helpful. Hormone-balancing herbs such as ashwagandha, maca root, and chasteberry can be helpful for breakouts around your chin in relation to PMS.
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