5 Things OSEA’s CEO Does Every Morning

5 Things OSEA’s CEO Does Every Morning
A morning routine that’s inspired by the sea.  Meet OSEA CEO Melissa Palmer. We were first introduced to her brand’s all-natural and oceanic line of skincare during an intuitive facial and have been hooked ever since. Their products use an unexpected but potent skin superfood: seaweed. Who knew!? Turns out, seaweed is a naturally abundant source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and fatty acids – basically everything you could ever need for mermaid worthy skin. Even cooler, OSEA is a family brand. Melissa’s mother, Jenefer Palmer, founded OSEA and personally formulated each product. Since then, Melissa has helped to grow the brand as an anchor in the growing non-toxic beauty movement. Here Melissa shares the five things she does every morning to ensure her busy days as CEO go swimmingly.

Melissa Palmer’s Morning Routine

Lemon Water

First, Melissa squeezes the juice of a half a lemon into a tall glass of room temperature water. “It’s a great way to alkalize the body and also get some antioxidants,” she shares. “It also just feels like a really balancing and nourishing way to start the day.”


With her large glass of lemon water in hand, Melissa takes her morning supplements including HUM’s Turn Back Time and Daily Cleanse. “Sun protection is something I’ve learned from a very early age,” she says referring to her mother’s influence. “I love the idea of building your natural immunity from the sun from the inside.” As for Daily Cleanse, she says, “I love that it contains algae because it’s a key ingredient throughout the entire OSEA skincare line.” Melissa also reveals her secret to remembering to take her supplements regularly: a good old fashioned  weekly pill case. “It’s just such an easy way to keep myself accountable because I can see if I forget a day.”

Moving Meditation

Next, Melissa performs a daily morning meditation—but it might not be the kind you expect. Instead of sitting quietly on a cushion, she prefers a moving meditation. “I practice a form of dance called five rhythms which is essentially just moving it, shaking it, grooving it and starting off your day with dance.” We dig.


Melissa practices intermittent fasting so she makes a Bulletproof coffee to hold her over until lunch. She preps some organic beans from Canyon Coffee and adds the freshly pressed coffee to a blender with hemp hearts, coconut oil and two opened capsules of Uber Energy for the extra adrenal support. OSEA Products - The Wellnest by HUM Nutrition


With her coffee in hand, Melissa can start her favorite part of the day: skincare. “My mom formulated all of the OSEA products so I’m pretty much addicted to every single one. My routine often varies but this is my go-to for a typical morning.” She starts by mixing the Ocean Cleanser with their Vitamin C Probiotic Polish. “Mixing the two gives the cleanser a really nice antioxidant brightening and exfoliating boost.” Next, she uses their Sea Minerals Mist. “I use this in place of a toner because our cleansers are all pH balanced,” she explains. The mist simply helps to replenish skin with hydration, antioxidants and minerals. Next, she applies their Hyaluronic Sea Serum which combines hyaluronic acid and different types of algae for optimal skin hydration. To double up her dose of hyaluronic acid, she pops two Glow Sweet Glow gummies to get the internal benefits, as well. Then, it’s on to a facial oil. “My favorite is our Essential Hydrating Oil. This was actually our very first product my mom formulated in the ’80s and I’m completely hooked on it to moisturize my skin, which is a little more normal to dry.” Before applying, she takes a moment to indulge in the aromatherapy of the product, rubbing the oil between her hands and inhaling the blend of lavender, rosewood and geranium oils. She finishes with a layer of their Atmosphere Protection Cream. “This is a great base for makeup—or, it usually is my makeup,” Melissa jokes. Finally, a few quick dabs of their Eyes and Lips product which firm and tone to protect against fine lines. And with that, she’s ready for a busy day! Learn more about OSEA on their website or follow them on social
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