HUM Essentials For Labor Day Weekend

Whether traveling far or indulging in a staycation, we’ve got something for you.

We’re getting ready to clear out of our offices Labor Day weekend and wanted to share the supplements we’ll be taking with us. Tell us your long-weekend essentials in the comments below!

Kim, Accountant

Long Weekend Plans: Traveling to Cuba
Labor Day HUM Select: Turn Back Time
Why: The Caribbean sun can be intense and I love the protection against UV-rays and antioxidants.

Aekta, Product Manager

Long Weekend Plans: Boozy Brunching in Santa Monica
Labor Day HUM Select: Wing Man
Why: It will help to combat any damage I inflict on my poor liver. Plus, I’ll come back to working looking fresh on Tuesday – a feat in itself.

Zena, Senior Content Editor

Long Weekend Plans: Getting Outdoorsy in Tahoe
Labor Day HUM Select: Daily Cleanse
Why: I’ll be road tripping there with friends and anticipate meals being more spontaneous than my weekday routine, so it’ll be nice to keep my daily morning refresh consistent.

Chris, Company Co-Founder

Long Weekend Plans: Picnicking in LA
Labor Day HUM Select: Uber Energy
Why: I’ll be with my friends and family at a local park here in Los Angeles. Since my family will want to play badminton there, I’ll need the boost!

Vanessa, Director of Sales

Long Weekend Plans: Laying Poolside in Palm Springs
Labor Day HUM Select: Flatter Me
Why: To keep my belly flat while I’m in my bikini! And to breakdown more indulgent meals.

Amy, Senior Director of Marketing

Long Weekend Plans:  Staycation
Labor Day HUM Select: Beauty zzZz
Why: I have friends visiting from out of town so we’ll be exploring during the day – but I’m really looking forward to relaxing and getting lots of rest at night!

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