A Natural Detox That Isn’t Terrible (or B.S.)

Forget sanity-stealing cleanses — for a natural detox, try this instead.

When you think of detoxing, you probably imagine a juice cleanse or some other restrictive, hangry-inducing process. But flushing toxins out of your body doesn’t need to be painful/not fun.

Chlorella, a single-celled green algae, is a key detox ingredient that can help banish heavy metals, improve your immune system, and clear up your skin.

Keep reading to find out why chlorella is such a superstar detox ingredient.

Benefits of Chlorella

An illustration of a scuba diver riding a fish, underwater, in front of a chlorella plant.

Chlorella is packed with amino acids. It also contains chlorophyll, beta-carotene, and a potent blend of vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamin C. In addition to supplying your body with a hefty dose of beneficial nutrients, it also acts like a sponge and soaks up bad pathogens that reside in your body, including heavy metals. It attracts these internal toxins and filters them out of your body.

It’s especially good for dispelling heavy metals that could be hiding in your body. We’re constantly exposed to heavy metals (think: lead in pipes, mercury from eating fish, and aluminum in antiperspirants). Heavy metal buildup can cause brain fog, fatigue, and anxiety; heavy metals can also interfere with the functioning of your organs.

Chlorella absorbs heavy metals, prevents them from being reabsorbed by your body, then gently whisks them out of your system. And if you take chlorella regularly, it can even prevent heavy metals from building up in the first place.

But because chlorella is such a superstar at catching toxins, that means it’s especially important to know the source of your chlorella. Chlorella sourced from a toxic environment will retain those toxins. Here at HUM, we sustainably source the chlorella in our Daily Cleanse supplement from only the purest sources, so you get the best results.

Research has also shown that chlorella supplements help support your immune system, regulate hormones, and help with your metabolism. Plus, improving the function of your body also benefits your skin. Another one of the benefits of chlorella: It can help clear up acne, and give you softer, brighter, more radiant skin.

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