5 Green Superfoods To Eat For Radiant Skin

Superfoods = super skin.

“I look at these superfoods as nutrient boosts,” says registered dietitian, Sarah Greenfield. “All of the superfoods listed below are extremely concentrated in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.” Including them in your diet ensures your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to radiate health from the inside out.

Barley Grass

Barley grass contains superoxide dismutase enzymes to protect against harmful UV rays by bringing relief to damaged cells. This makes it a great superfood for preventing signs of aging.

 Wheat Grass

“Wheatgrass helps to detoxify your liver and when you support detoxification in the liver, it helps keep skin clear,” Sarah explains. Wheatgrass can also be helpful for reducing inflammation. Another bonus if you’re prone to inflamed breakouts and acne. Finally, some natural medicine practitioners believe that wheatgrass can prevent gray hairs by strengthening your kidney health and blood quality.


“Chlorella binds to heavy metals, which can otherwise cause breakouts. Instead, chlorella helps to pull them out of your system,” Sarah shares. Chlorella not only reduces oxidative stress from pollution, stress and a poor diet – but also aids in cellular reproduction and skin regeneration for more radiant skin. (We covered chlorella and it’s many benefits more in depth here.)


Similar to chlorella, spirulina helps by binding heavy metals to detoxify the body. Spirulina can also help fight candida, which when left unchecked can show up as a nasty rash. In addition to this, it has the added benefit of curbing your appetite, which can help prevent boredom snacking. Lastly, the phosphorus in spirulina is excellent for dental health.

Alfalfa Grass

Alfalfa grass is another wonderful superfood for reducing inflammation as well as strengthening your immune system. In fact, a serving of alfalfa grass juice will offer almost as much Vitamin C as the same size serving as orange juice. Besides keeping your immunes system strong, Vitamin C encourages collagen production in the skin for more bounce in your complexion. Lastly, as with the superfoods listed above, it’s rich in antioxidants to reduce free radicals in the body and protect cells.

An Important Caveat

 “One thing to be aware of is that some sources of barley grass and wheat grass can effect people with a gluten intolerance. While the grass itself is fine, if it’s grown to the point where it sprouts it will contain gluten.” If you have a gluten intolerance, be sure to look for “Gluten-Free” on the label.

But How Does It Taste?

You might be wondering why we aren’t eating more of these superfoods all the time given their many benefits. Sadly, although they do wonders for our bodies, they aren’t exactly easy on the tastebuds. Anyone who’s tried a shot of wheatgrass will agree.

How To Include These In Your Diet

You can get some of these fresh at your local health foods store, or in liquid form at your closest juice bar – or find them in powder or capsule supplements. We included all five of the superfoods above along with hormone balancing adaptogens, digestive enzymes and probiotics in our delicious Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powder. The best part? Our unique blend comes in delicious flavors that will make you look forward to getting your dose of superfoods each day.

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