I Tried a Soup Cleanse—Here’s What Happened

A day-by-day play-by-play of a weeklong souping experience. Juice cleanses are so yesterday. (Raise your hand if a green juice in the morning *actually* fills you up.) So we were intrigued when we came across Soupure, an LA-based soup cleanse that promises to help you achieve a healthy foundational reset without any of the hanger that comes with a juice cleanse. The premise: You sip soup for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Because Soupure’s soups contain protein and good fats, along with lots of veggies, you’re nourishing your body with nutrients it needs—not overwhelming it with sugar like a juice cleanse can. Their soups boast reduced sodium and are full of superfoods. The benefits are similar to what a juice cleanse promises: more energy, increased gut function, weight loss, and healthier skin. Naturally, we had to test this. So we enlisted Vanessa, our director of sales, to try out their Healthy Foundation Reset cleanse—a seven-day soup cleanse containing 24 soups and 21 sage tonic teas—and report back. Here’s her souping experience.

Souping Day 1: Amazing!

On the menu: a mixture of teas, broths, and soups. (The teas are delicious.) I even had a crown replacement done at nine a.m. with only one soup in my belly. I felt great until about two p.m. That’s my snack time, and my mind was telling me to grab something crunchy and sweet. Instead, I went to Trader Joe’s and bought a bunch of raw veggies: edamame, broccoli, carrots, and kale! One of the great things about this cleanse is that you can supplement it with lean protein and veggies. I ate the entire container of edamame and felt better. However, I was way too tired to work out, so I planned to try the next day. Instead, I went home, drank dinner (so convenient), and felt satisfied.

Souping Day 2: Hungry!

Today I was hungry! I slept well the night before, so I thought a six a.m. workout was a good idea. I mean, you never feel bad after a workout… but you do feel hungry! I had the veggie broth afterward, which was very tasty! I also ate raw veggies and a piece of salmon for dinner. While each day of the cleanse does provide a solid amount of protein, I discovered that I need to eat more protein if I’m going to work out. P.S. All I do is pee all day long on this cleanse! P.P.S. I’m in love with the Superhero soup.

Souping Day 3: Weekends Are Hard

Two takeaways from day three. First, it’s way easier to do this during the week at work. On the weekend, I had to think about coming home to have soup and I was hungry because I was out running around. Second, working out on a cleanse makes you hungrier! I needed more protein, so I decided to add a salmon patty to the cleanse once a day. In addition to the soups, I also included a miso chicken bone broth. Yum. Also, the split pea is delicious. I’m sleeping great and waking up rested. I’m getting enough caffeine from the teas that I’m not getting a headache from lack of coffee. Bonus: I’m not having sugary cravings in the afternoons anymore, which is amazing because it feels like I’m starting to reset those cravings.

Souping Day 4: Protein and Pilates

Today, I took a Pilates class and taught a class. I’m very impressed that I made it through both. Souping and a work out is tough; I just need more protein to feel full. Souping on the weekend isn’t so convenient. I felt slightly bloated on this day; not uncomfortably or painfully so, but just noticeable. Athena, our director of education, mentioned that since I’m eating so much fiber and not a lot of good fats, there’s no movement, but I was definitely regular, so I’m not sure what the bloat is from. Three more days to go!

Souping Day 5: Tired

[Editor’s note: Vanessa was noticeably tired and less talkative at work this day, which explains the brevity of her diary entry.] Today I didn’t have to eat a piece of protein, but I was too tired to work out. I’m not starving, but I miss snacking. It’d be mindless eating, which is what I’m trying to avoid. Two more days to go. I don’t miss coffee.

Souping Day 6: Home Stretch

It finally started getting easier! I took HUM’s Flatter Me digestive enzymes to help with the bloat. I’m not missing sweets or coffee at all, which is amazing. I also feel like I have more energy—way more energy than on day five.

Souping Day 7: Victory Lap

Last day… I made it! Today, I felt so accomplished! I had the beef broth after my Pilates class that night, which was tasty. (However, I still prefer the chicken miso broth.) I didn’t have any extra protein and felt totally fine—though I may have sneaked a non-plan snack or two. Hey, nobody’s perfect. Seven days of souping was definitely easier—and much tastier—than a juice cleanse, but it was still challenging. I liked that I didn’t have to do any prep, and the soups were all delicious. From now on, I’m going to have one day of all-liquid meals per week. It’s an easy way to keep my metabolism guessing and restrict calories without starving myself. My faves from the cleanse: Super Hero, Rebuild, Protect, Heal, and Robust. Adding Flatter Me to the last few days of the cleanse helped ease the bloating I felt from all the extra fiber I was getting. I also took Red Carpet and Gut Instinct. The rich oils from Red Carpet helped keep my body hydrated and helped with my digestion, while the probiotics in Gut Instinct helped keep me regular. Sometimes during cleanses, your body becomes overloaded with healthy fibers and other nutrients it isn’t used to, so it can cause changes in your normal digestive patterns.
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