7 Ways to Look Amazing Without Makeup

You’ll save 335 hours a year, plus your skin will thank you.  With YouTube tutorials on the rise, it’s tempting to let your daily makeup routine get more and more elaborate. A survey in 2014 reported that women spend an average of 55 minutes every day on their appearance. That’s 335 hours a year! We can only imagine that this amount of time has grown since time-consuming techniques once reserved for professionals (contouring, strobing, baking, etc.) have become commonplace.

The same study revealed that women worry more regularly about their appearance than their finances, health, relationships, and even professional success.

With these kinds of findings, some women have chosen to forego makeup altogether. Video blogger and writer Tatiana Shabacon shared her reasons for ditching product when she moved to Costa Rica.

“I forgot that the way that I looked without makeup is the way that I actually looked.”

We asked Tatiana if there were any special occasions that caused social pressures against living makeup free: “I actually walked in a fashion show in the small town I’m living in, and nobody even asked me to put makeup on at all. All of the other girls were taking turns getting their makeup done. I expected I would have to, but I didn’t. It’s interesting because I spent years thinking makeup was expected of me. But in reality, no one really cares.” Even if you don’t want to give up makeup forever, there are plenty of benefits of taking a hiatus a few days a week. Daily foundation application can congest pores and cause dull and dehydrated skin, while thinner lashes can be attributed to constant coating and mascara removal. Beauty blogger Jess agreed.

“If I wore makeup every single day, I’d start to be insecure without it. It’s also good to give your skin a break and let it breathe. “

If you are going to wear makeup everyday, be sure to cleanse thoroughly before bed. A bare face at night allows skin to replenish its natural moisture levels. But you might also consider the 5:2 skin diet of going two days a week without makeup. And if you really want to challenge yourself, commit to an entire week sans makeup and follow these tips to feel awesome in your own skin.

7 Ways to Look Amazing Without Makeup

Hydrate like there’s no tomorrow

Chances are if it works for Gabrielle Union, it’ll work for you. Proper hydration is essential for skin elasticity. It removes toxins through elimination and locks in moisture for plump, glowing skin.

Unfriend fried frenemies

Tatiana credits her glowing skin to her healthy diet. She avoids fried and processed foods, which are notoriously inflammatory. HUM nutritionist Alex Caspero also recommends avoiding sodium, which can increase swelling and make skin look puffy.

Befriend your superfoods

Eat dark, leafy greens for a dose of vitamin K, which increases circulation and may lighten dark circles under the eyes. For long term benefits, Athena, our director of education, suggests eating antioxidant-rich foods for protection against environment pollution and overexposure to sun. (Be sure to read our superfood recommendations for clear, radiant, youthful-looking skin.)

Prioritize skincare

Think of taking a break from foundation and concealers as an opportunity to tend to your natural complexion. Cleanse and exfoliate thoroughly to remove dull skin cells. Add a natural toner to remove additional impurities and even skin tone. Whether you moisturize with a traditional face lotion or a dab of olive oil as Tatiana does, massaging it into the skin will help circulate blood flow for a naturally rosy complexion.

Show your brows some love

A little brow grooming can make a world of difference on a bare face. Run a spoolie brush through your brows and tweeze away any strays. This small step will ensure a neat face frame.

Don’t forget to curl!

An eyelash curler is a minimalist look’s best friend. Curling your lashes opens up the eye and shows off your lashes’ natural length. Be sure to clean your eyelash curler regularly so you don’t end up with last weekend’s mascara on your fresh face.

Add balm to glow

Use your favorite lip balm to add some sheen to your lips. Jess suggests even applying extra balm on your cupid’s bow and cheekbones for a glossy, natural highlight.
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