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Real people review their results after taking Skin Squad™ (previously Skin Heroes), HUM’s pre+probiotic supplement for clear skin.

Can the right probiotic really change your skin? There’s only one way to find out…

To put our new pre+probiotic, Skin Squad, to the test, we had a group of women who struggle with breakouts try it out for 60 days. The study was supervised by HUM nutritionist and registered dietitian Sarah Greenfield, and also dermatologist Courtney Phillips, MD. To measure their progress, we captured photos and video at zero, 30, and 60 days.

Use the sliders on the images below to compare their results and read all about the special features of Skin Squad here.

REal PEOPLE, REal Results

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Wendy, 26

Within two weeks, my breakouts started to heal and I saw clearer skin. I also had more energy. Very impressed!

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Shannon, 27

My breakouts are way less and go away much quicker. My skin more balanced and I have no dry patches.

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Johanna, 27

Two or three days after I started taking Skin Squad, I started feeling like my breakouts were healing and going away quicker than they normally do. I think my skin just feels better about repairing itself. If I have a small breakout, it doesn’t really last. I also definitely feel less bloating. I feel way thinner. In that aspect, it’s made a huge difference. I definitely want to keep taking it because I’ve already seen a lot of improvement and it’s only been thirty days.

Karen, 39

I notice that my skin is cleansing out really great. I used to break out a lot in the neck area and on my chin, and now they look like they’re gone. My digestion improved. It feels like my skin is breathing. I have more energy. It’s definitely cleansing me inside out.

Mary, 26

There’s no redness or blotchiness – things that I typically experience when I first wake up in the morning, or go to bed. Overall, it looks a lot more clear. I’m a firm believer in treating something from the inside out rather than externally, because typically, you don’t see results otherwise. I am excited to keep taking Skin Squad based on what I saw in 30 days.

Chloe, 26

When you think of treating breakouts, you think of something topical. You think of something that you put on top of your skin instead of working from the inside out. I used to get so many breakouts all around my chin but they’re pretty much nonexistent now. I normally wear a foundation, a beauty cream and a finishing powder, and now I just wear beauty cream.

Skin Heroes - 88% Decrease in Breakouts - The Wellnest by HUM Nutrition

SKin Squad Review By A Dermatologist

First, here’s what our supervising dermatologist had to say after overseeing our study.

What attracted you to participating in this study?

One of the most common skin ailments I see in my dermatology clinic is breakouts. More and more often my patients want to know how they can treat it not only with topical and oral prescription medications, but with other natural remedies as well. Probiotics are an exciting area of study right now for skin, so I was eager to learn more about Skin Squad.

Tell us more about the struggle with Breakouts.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and it’s also the most visible. That means our skin is liable to a lot more judgment. Breakouts are often brushed off as a vanity issue. Having dealt with severe breakouts in my 20’s as well as treating and seeing the impact in my own patients though, I can truly attest to the profound psychological impact it has. Not just on your self esteem, but even your quality of life.

For many people with breakouts, it takes more than just a toll on their appearance. It affects their emotional health, as well. Many of my female patients are embarrassed to go anywhere without makeup. They will even avoid social events when their skin is flaring up. I hear my patients say that they are embarrassed, depressed or self-conscious about their skin. Several of my teenage patients will even stay home from school due to the teasing they experience from their classmates.

HUM Skin Squad Probiotic for Clear Skin, resting down on green background with rainbow sprinkles and bubbles

What’s your take on topical vs. internal products for skin?

Because a variety of different factors can cause breakouts, treating it internally or topically usually isn’t enough. You have to address it from many angles. A good skin regimen should include both topical and internal care. Doing just one or the other rarely gives patients the results they’re looking for. Depending on the patient and their type of skin, one approach may need to be emphasized over another.

What Was Your Role In The Study?

In the study, I designed and performed the skin assessment that was used to conduct the skin evaluations of the participants involved.

Tell us about the results you saw.

The participants who took the product had noticeably more hydrated skin. Several of them had fewer inflammatory lesions and overall clearer skin. All patients noticed an improvement in their GI symptoms. For those reasons, Skin Squad is a product that I’d recommend to patients in my practice who are struggling with breakouts. 

Ready to try it?

Check out Skin Squad for yourself!

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