Sol de Janeiro’s Camila Pierotti on Body Joy & Self-Care

Here’s a look at what Brazilian-inspired beauty brand Sol de Janeiro is all about. Plus: five self-care tips co-founder Camila Pierotti swears by. Sol de Janeiro co-founder and product innovation lead, Camila Pierotti, helped build a brand around indulgent skincare and hair products inspired by beauty secrets from her native Brazil. Each product’s formulation is rooted in Brazilian culture’s positive attitude towards beauty and life, as well as an uplifting form of body positivity the team likes to call Body Joy. Keep reading to learn more about how Sol de Janeiro’s ethos and products can both fit seamlessly into your own self-care routine. Brazilian women on beach embracing body joy with Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream

About Sol de Janeiro

As Camila explains, Sol de Janeiro was founded on the delights of sensorial self-care, as well as Brazilian culture’s emphasis on embracing your natural curves. “We were inspired by the Brazilian approach to beauty where we love taking care of our bodies, and where beauty is an attitude,” she begins. “We create efficacious and deliciously scented products to take care of people’s favorite body parts,” Camila continues. “For Brazilians, there are many! Brazilians love their curves. Because of that, [our] Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is inspired by our favorite body part: the bum bum (pronounced ‘boom boom’),” aka the butt, booty, or bottom. Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream in a shower next to other Brazilian beauty products Star ingredients in the award-winning Bum Bum Cream include:
  • Amazonian guarana to improve circulation + firm skin
  • cupuaçu butter to restore skin elasticity + lock in moisture
  • açaí to keep skin glowing + radiant
  • coconut oil to soften + condition
  • pistachio + salted caramel scent to transport your senses to Rio’s sultry shores

How Camila Pierotti Does Self-Care

“Self-care is so important, and so is remembering to take the time to treat yourself,” Camila says. Loving, flaunting, and caring for your curves and whole body, she continues, is the ultimate way to achieve Body Joy. Whether you’re a self-care novice or a pampering prodigy, the ultimate idea is that we all deserve the time and dedication to feel good each and every day. For inspo, here are five simple ways in which Camila practices self-care daily. Sol de Janeiro Co-Founder Camila Pierotti in front of pink background

1. She stocks Up on Healthy Snacks

Camila believes that beauty starts from within, and a key part of nailing this down is to have nutritious foods on hand. “I [make sure to] keep healthy snacks at home because when you eat well, you feel better,” she shares. Camila also makes sure to take her vitamins regularly to boost well-being.

2. She Exercises Regularly

Even when going to the gym or attending fitness classes isn’t possible, Camila still likes to maintain a regular routine to stay active. “I exercise once a week with my trainer via Zoom and also try to work out on my own for 20 minutes, three times a week, with a workout app,” she explains. She also makes time to fit in daily walks.

3. She Listens to Audiobooks

On her walks, Camila does double duty by listening to inspiring, educational, or fun audiobooks while walking. Whether you choose between the newest nonfiction bestseller, a how-to guide, or a guilty-pleasure podcast, it’s important to keep your mind engaged and carve out time to indulge your personal interests.

4. She Takes Bedtime Showers

To wind down, Camila fits in her daily self-care practice around shower time before hitting the hay. “I do most of my pampering during my nighttime shower. It’s the only moment in the day where I’m not rushed”, she says. “I do a little bit every day so that I’m always ready for whatever comes my way.” Essentially, even the smallest daily pick-me-ups can go a long way. Of course, Sol de Janeiro products are the stars of her nightly routine. Here are her faves:

5. She Sleeps Well

Last but not least, Camila prioritizes sleep to round out her self-care routine. As busy and demanding as her schedule can get, she aims to get in bed by 10 p.m. each night to wake up refreshed the next morning. For more Body Joy and Brazilian beauty inspo, you can follow Sol de Janeiro on Instagram.
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