7 Everyday Habits That Cause Wrinkles

By now we all know smoking and sun are both prime causes… but what about these unexpected sources of wrinkles? I truly thought that daily SPF protection and avoiding cigarettes were enough to keep my eyes free of crow’s feet and fine lines. Silly me. It turns out there’s a whole host of surprising aging culprits. Here are seven everyday habits that you would never guess can age your skin. Wrinkles - The Wellnest by HUM Nutrition

Chewing Gum

That’s right; time to start packing good old-fashioned mints on your date nights. Dermatologists have been noticing that avid gum chewers develop a certain pattern of wrinkles around their mouths. They suspect that the repetitive motion of chewing may break down supportive tissue, thus resulting in weakened skin elasticity.


We’ll start by saying we think running is awesome and we want you to keep running. In fact, moderate exercise (at 40-60% of your maximum heart rate) three to five days a week will actually rejuvenate skin. However, one study found that very strenuous exercise (at 70-80% of your maximum heart rate) practiced for 90 minutes or longer can lead to detrimental cell damage. We wouldn’t dare suggest you skip a marathon for looks’ sake. However, to protect yourself from the elements and reduce free-radical damage, be sure to use SPF. Also consider supplementing your training diet with free-radical-fighting vitamins like Turn Back Time.

Passing on Sunglasses

If, like me, you thought sunglasses were a frivolous accessory just for show, think again. As it turns out, squinting in the sun isn’t just an unflattering short-term look; it also results in long-term wrinkles around the eyes. To best protect yourself from premature crow’s feet, opt for sunglasses with UV filters and plastic frames. Metal frames can reflect sunlight onto your cheeks and exacerbate the problem.

Your Sweet Tooth

Let us count all the awful ways sugar ruins your face. It increases oil production, gives you dark circles, makes you break out, and breaks down collagen. The good news is cutting out sugar can yield almost instant results with perkier skin in only 72 hours of a sugar detox. For optimum results, recover your skin’s elasticity and firmness with our Collagen Love supplement.

Sleeping On Your Side

So much for beauty sleep. Last year, a study found that regularly pressing your face up against a pillow when sleeping on your side or stomach can eventually lead to sleep wrinkles. These wrinkles either exaggerate facial expression lines or create new vertical lines on the forehead, lips, and cheeks. As best as you can, try sleeping on your back to avoid wrinkles. As a bonus, your supported spine will help you stand taller.

Happy Hour

We all know that dehydration from drinking alcohol will leave you with a nasty hangover. But remember that your skin gets massively dehydrated from imbibing, too. Nutritionists recommend sticking to vodka, tequila, or gin, which clear out of your system faster. Also, sipping water in between alcoholic beverages keeps skin more hydrated.

Staring at Computer Screens

Ever seen someone in deep concentration? It tends to look a lot like frowning. For this reason, people with who spend most of their week working on computers are much more likely to get lines around their mouth. If you’re on a laptop (or phone) looking down all day, the problem travel south to your neck. Elevate your screen to eye level. Also, to really catch yourself in the act, try placing a mirror next to your screen.
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