My First Colonic: Best Poop Ever

In an effort to advance my wellness journey, it only seemed right to experience the ultimate detox...a colonic.

Have you ever reached the point in your wellness journey where you want to try something new or you feel ready to take your wellness to the next level? That’s how I felt not too long ago when I decided it was time to embark on my first colonic. As a writer who’s passionate about wellness and exploring alternative health practices, I couldn’t resist delving into this often-discussed yet somewhat mysterious realm of detoxification. 

Make no mistake–HUM’s Daily Cleanse has my heart–and my liver, my skin, my lungs and other organs–but I was interested in experiencing a detox at this level. 

Buckle up as we delve into the world of colonics—a journey that promises more than just physical detoxification but also a deeper understanding of the body, mind, and the courage to embrace the unfamiliar.


The Why of My Colonic Journey

Embarking on this adventure wasn’t just about addressing physical health; it was a journey into the depths of my own comfort zone, pushing boundaries, and ultimately, embracing the unexpected. So here it goes, I’m going to take you through my firsthand experience of undergoing a colonic, demystifying the process, addressing common misconceptions, and sharing the surprising insights gained along the way.

The Start of my Colonic Journey

As I stepped into the quaint, warmly lit space of the wellness center, a sense of calm washed over me, instantly alleviating any lingering apprehension about my first colonic experience. The cozy ambiance could best be described as a familiar old friend setting the stage for what promised to be an intriguing journey into detoxification. 

I greeted by my therapist with a welcoming smile, and was swiftly guided through a brief overview of the procedure. Next, she instructed me to kick off my shoes and step onto the “vibrating machine.” This was unexpected. It was a platform-like machine that did what it said it would do–vibrate! “This helps to get things moving,” my therapist said with a grin, before leaving me for about fifteen minutes. Surprisingly, the experience was oddly tranquil, forcing me to be fully present as I stood there, gently shaking, feeling my insides preparing for the transformative journey ahead.

I knew I was making the right decision in trying this as I’ve had so many conversations about colonics with a friend who swears by them monthly. At any rate, with a knowing glance, my therapist (Desiree) suggested a quick trip to the restroom, explaining how the vibrating machine had its own way of nudging the body into action. And true to her words, a sudden urge emerged, prompting me to heed her advice before returning to the cozy treatment room. 

The Movement before the colonic

Clad in a gown reminiscent of a hospital gown, its open-back design a stark reminder of the vulnerability inherent in this wellness journey, I laid back onto the table ready to go–literally. After a few  moments of privacy, the therapist reappeared, signaling that the moment had arrived. Once more, she patiently walked me through the procedure, ensuring I was fully prepared as we embarked on this transformative path toward wellness.

The Colonic

Desiree advised me to begin with my knees bent and feet planted firmly on the table, a position designed to encourage the body’s natural release—a small yet significant detail that highlighted her attention to holistic wellness. For as much as she was delicate and calm, Desiree was a realist and candidly shared that first-time experiences with colonics might not always yield immediate results for a number of reasons. She emphasized the importance of a series of sessions to unlock the full spectrum of benefits and after that reassessing and  transitioning to a maintenance regimen. 

With a nod of understanding, I followed her instructions, turning onto my side as she skillfully introduced the tube that’s inserted into your rectum which is connected to another tube that’s connected to a closed system. This route (the closed system) is designed to offer precise control over pressure and water flow—a personalized touch that distinguished this experience from the more standardized open systems. To my surprise and comfort, Desiree remained by my side throughout the process, providing unwavering support, education, guidance and some good conversation. Throughout, she expertly navigated the nuances of the procedure, from easing the release of gas bubbles to adjusting pressure levels in sync with my body’s cues (and me telling her that I was ready for a release)—a testament to the tailored care and attention to detail inherent in the closed system approach.

During the colonic

During the course of the session–about 45 minutes or so, Desiree proved to be not only a skilled therapist but also a wellspring of  knowledge on digestive health. She shared some information that really shaped my understanding of bowel movements and their significance in overall wellness. Beside waxing poetic about the importance of regularity, Desiree highlighted the ideal frequency of multiple daily bowel movements, dispelling common misconceptions about the need for straining—a practice that can lead to unwelcome complications like hemorrhoids. And one wants that. I certainly don’t. Desiree’s words echoed with a profound truth: the rectum is an involuntary muscle, and forcing it into action is not the way. 

Beyond the mechanics of elimination, Desiree chatted about the pivotal role of diet in supporting healthy bowel habits– and she didn’t just talk about fiber. She informed me that over-caffeinating (I’m an avid coffee drinker) can dehydrate your bowels and have a negative impact on your regularity. Then boom! I felt a subtle shift within and, in a moment of revelation, I experienced the initial release—an unmistakable sign of progress. The cool thing about the closed system is the transparency and the fact that you can see what’s coming out. This is not for the faint of heart. In that instant, I had such an appreciation for the body and its intricate workings.

Colonic knowledge

I also learned that old stool can make a home in your colon, trapped within the pockets and the gentle power of the colonic water can help release those particles. Finally I learned from Desiree that when your colon or body is filled with waste, it can create brain fog. I thought to myself, there’s that gut brain axis talk again. But I couldn’t deny it. 

As my session wrapped, Desiree said chances are you’ll have another release upon completion of the colonic when you take a trip to the restroom. Sure enough–it happened. 

The Colonic Takeaway…

At the end I was not only happy to have gotten through the process with no issues, but I felt lighter–physically and mentally and asked myself why had I waited so long to take this step in my wellness journey. I couldn’t dwell on the past. Instead I looked forward and booked a second session with Desiree. I was so happy with the results and how I felt on the inside that I was sold on making colon maintenance a part of my wellness journey. I have to be honest–it may not be for everyone, but it was definitely for me and I recommend it to anyone who’s ever thought about it. Just like everything else in your life–your bowels need to be healthy too!

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