6 Apps for Healthy Eats On the Go, Reviewed

Eating healthy while traveling is no easy task, and the quickest, cheapest, most convenient restaurants are generally not places that have grass-fed meat and organic veggies. (Have you ever seen a highway sign advertising a juice bar? Probably not.) And as if traveling weren’t stressful enough, once you actually get to your final destination you’ve got to figure out where to eat healthy in a foreign city. It’s enough to make one scrap their healthy diet and fall into the waiting arms of cheesy, delicious pizza. No more. These six apps promise to make eating healthy while traveling a breeze. So we put them to the test. See how they fared, and find out which ones are worth your precious GBs.


Available: Across the US Price: Free App Store Rating: 3.5 Now there’s no excuse to stop at a drive thru. This app uses your GPS to help you discover healthy eats wherever your road trip takes you. Sort through juice bars, farmer’s market, vegan fare, and more. Because it’s community-driven, you’re getting suggestions from locals – and if you’ve got a favorite superfood eatery you think should be included, it’s oh-so-easy to suggest it to the app’s team.


Available: Los Angeles and New York Price: Free App Store Rating: 4.5 If you’re heading to LA or NY (or if you’re a local), you need to download this app immediately. It doesn’t just tell you where to find sustainably sourced greens and humanely raised meat – it also recommends places healthy restaurants even the most discerning foodie will enjoy. The interface is super easy to use, and pulled up some of our current faves along with new healthy eateries.  We’re deducting one fork because it’s only available in two major cities.


Available: Across the US Price: Free App Store Rating: 4.5 This app connects you with healthy joints near you, and allows you to filter by dietary preference (paleo, high protein, vegetarian), cuisine, and even calories so you find the perfect match every time. Our favorite filter (and their most popular)? “Not a salad.” We’ll raise a fork to that.


Available: Across the US Price: Free App Store Rating: 4.5 Eating paleo has never been easier, thanks to this app. It plays matchmaker between you and paleo-friendly restaurants in your area, and also provides handy tips for ordering out. Every restaurant the app recommends has been vetted by the team or by other members of the paleo-eating community – you can even see exactly which dishes come highly recommended, and keep track of plates you’ve enjoyed or are dying to try, all on one app.


Available: Worldwide Price: $3.99 App Store Rating: 4.5 Finding vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants is especially tough when you’re travelling outside the country. That’s where this app comes in. Whether you’re travelling across the US or across the world, it allows you to find vegan and vegetarian restaurants and health food stores wherever you are. You can store restaurants you want to try (perfect for the plan-ahead traveler), find directions, and read/write reviews about the places you visit.


Available: Across the US Price: Free App Store Rating: 3 Simply input your flight itinerary into this app and it does the rest. While it isn’t solely designed for food like the other apps (it also keeps track of your flight arrival and departure times, plus gives you an estimated TSA wait time at the checkpoints you’ll hit), it does boast a pretty extensive listing of food options in your airport. However, you’ll have to filter through to find the healthy options yourself – though that’s easier than walking up and down your terminal trying to discern which restaurant boasts the healthiest options.
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