The 2-in-1 Probiotic for Vaginal Health We Absolutely Love

Are probiotics good for vaginal health? In one word, yes! Here’s what makes Private Party™, HUM’s probiotic for vaginal health, so beneficial for vaginal pH and its microbiome. Plus: how its potent cranberry extract supports urinary tract health. Real talk: Girls and women of all ages will likely experience vaginal discomfort at some point in their lives, with up to 75 percent receiving a clinical diagnosis. To address the root causes, it’s essential to look to the microbiome and pH levels of the vagina. Even further, we should encourage—rather than shy away from—open discussions around this ubiquitous issue. That’s why HUM is proud of Private Party, a probiotic for vaginal health that’s also enhanced with PACs to support your urinary tract. Sarah Greenfield, RD, and Maryam Tantawy, HUM’s Director of Product Marketing and Innovation, fill us in on how it works. Plus, Yale-trained physician and herbalist Aviva Romm, MD, offers insights on the value of probiotics for vaginal pH.

What Is Private Party?

Private Party is a 2-in-1 women’s probiotic that supports vaginal and urinary tract health. Its unique formula includes three probiotic strains and cranberry proanthocyanidins (PACs) standardized to clinically proven amounts.

Why We Made A Probiotic for Vaginal Health

HUM created Private Party to positively impact the vaginal microbiome and mitigate symptoms of vaginal discomfort. When your vaginal pH is off balance, physical symptoms can manifest in the form of: These sensations don’t only cause physical irritation, but can also lead to a reluctance to discuss them. “While imbalances in the vaginal microbiome affect so many women, we don’t often talk about vaginal health,” Sarah begins. “For that reason, we aim to inspire more empowered conversations around these topics.” According to a 2014 study, 65 percent of 1,000 women polled felt uncomfortable using the words vagina and vulva. Meanwhile, 45 percent never speak about their vaginal health to anyone, including their doctors. To address such hesitation, we were very intentional in naming our vaginal probiotic. Every aspect of women’s wellness should be celebrated—especially vaginal health. With Private Party, we hope to open up the conversation, promote transparency, and provide an effective solution that enables women to feel good every day.

What Is the Vaginal Microbiome?

“The vaginal microbiome is a constellation consisting of bacteria, fungi, other organisms that exist in a women’s vaginal canal, vulva, bladder, and elimination system,” Dr. Romm explains. “It functions to keep the vaginal wall healthy by secreting different enzymes that break down potentially harmful organisms.” Factors that can potentially impact or compromise the vaginal microbiome include:
  • a diet high in sugar and alcohol
  • ingredients and materials used in soaps, detergent, tampons, etc.
  • your sexual partner(s)
  • antibiotics
  • stress
  • gut health

HUM Nutrition Private Party - the best probiotic for vaginal health that also packs cranberries for urinary tract health

Ingredients + Benefits

Surely, the best probiotic for vaginal health will work to address a variety of concerns. Private Party is one of the few supplements for women combining ingredients that dually support vaginal and urinary tract health. This unique formula allows you to simplify your supplement regimen, all the while knowing your intimate areas are healthy and thriving.

Cranberry Extract (Vaccinium macrocarpon)

If you’ve ever experienced urinary tract discomfort, you’ve likely been instructed to drink cranberry juice. But have you ever wondered why? “Proanthocyanidins (PACs) are one of the antioxidants in cranberries. Studies show it’s this specific active ingredient that supports urinary tract health,” Maryam explains. “And while many cranberry extracts are on the market, most of them aren’t standardized to levels clinically shown to strengthen urinary tract health.” Following precedents informed by clinical research, we standardized the cranberry extract in Private Party to 36 milligrams of PACs to support a healthy urinary tract.

Proprietary women’s probiotic blend

Our blend of probiotic strains—Lactobacillus acidophilus (La-14), L. rhamnosus, and L. reuteri—help restore vaginal flora, maintain yeast balance, and promote overall vaginal health. These specific strains aren’t only naturally occurring in a healthy vaginal microbiome, but also have clinically demonstrated benefits from oral supplementation. “The bacteria in this formulation work by producing lactic acid to keep the vaginal microbiome acidic, thus permitting it to stay healthy and balanced,” Sarah explains. But why is there a need for acidic vaginal pH, and how do probiotics help? “The vaginal canal prefers to be in a slightly acidic environment, except during pregnancy,” says Dr. Romm. “When it’s too alkaline, undesired symptoms can crop up,” such as yeast imbalances and other hormonal issues. Thus, maintaining an acidic vaginal pH can help keep uncomfortable symptoms and sensations at bay. Woman's hand holding HUM Nutrition Private Party vaginal probiotic in front of pink background

How to Take Private Party

As we can see, probiotics and vaginal health go hand in hand. Take our probiotic for vaginal health if you deal with vaginal discomfort or want to proactively avoid such sensations. Simply supplement with one capsule daily at any time, with or without food. As always, you’ll experience the best results by taking this supplement consistently over time. If you already take other HUM probiotics, such as Gut Instinct or Skin Squad, rest assured that it’s okay to combine Private Party with either. Though it’s called Private Party, you’re all invited! Add this probiotic for vaginal health to your wellness regimen today.
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