7 Days of Workouts with Fitness Pro Nada Ivanovic

Team HUM is still buzzing with excitement from our recent launch in Germany. And what better way to get a pulse on the German wellness scene than with their top tastemakers? We were lucky to get acquainted with Nada Ivanovic, a Nike Master Trainer and fitness expert based in Berlin. Here’s a look at her weeklong workout diary for top-notch fitspo.

7 Days of Workouts with Nada Ivanovic

Monday: Stretching & Mobility

Monday mornings are always tough. That’s why I try to focus on the day’s opportunities and start with a thorough workout based in yoga and mobility to stretch my fascia and muscles, as well as open my joints. It’s my time to breathe evenly and gather the power I need for the week ahead.

Tuesday: Glutes and Upper Body

A glutes-focused workout with a resistance band is an important part of my training routine. Strong glutes can help prevent pain in the knees, low back, hamstrings, and groin. Nada Ivanovic HITT + burpee workout

Wednesday: HIIT with a push & row focus

This is one of my favorite HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts, which helps increase my cardio and muscular endurance. Part of the workout is full-speed rowing, while the other incorporates burpees to push my heart rate to the max. Fitness influencer Nada Ivanovic running

Thursday: Long-distance running

I always try to incorporate running in my basic workout schedule. This run isn’t supposed to be crazy fast, but rather I focus on endurance, structure, and mindfulness. I typically run about 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) through the park to reap both relaxing and motivating benefits.

Friday: Boxing

Fridays are my action-packed sports days. This week, I decided to head over to my boxing gym and train with a group of friends. A good boxing workout will absolutely knock me out—pun intended—and conclude an active weekday schedule with something fun yet challenging at the same time.

Saturday: Unplugging

Saturdays usually entail whatever I’m in the mood for. But this particular week, I decided to unwind, check in with myself, and treat my body to a rest day. One of the best components of self-care on any day, of course, is my favorite HUM supplement, Glow Sweet Glow. Today specifically, I wanted to focus on inner beauty, which doesn’t always have to have a physically challenging aspect. Nada Ivanovic core workout with resistance band at Black Sheep Athletics Berlin

Sundays: Core

Today I’m doing some core movements to stabilize the upper body and lower back. These exercises include antagonist movements, meaning we train the back and the stomach simultaneously so both sides can strengthen equally. A very important part of the core is the transversus abdominis, which takes care of our fundamental full-body posture, supports opening the chest, and allows for healthy breathing habits. My go-to core exercises include side planks, butterfly sit-ups, reverse crunches, and Russian twists. For more fitspo from Nada Ivanovic, check her out on Instagram.
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