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A skincare line designed by geneticists? That’s right. Meet HydroPeptide. The secret ingredient in their luxury skincare is one you don’t hear often: epigenetics. To tell us more, here’s Hydropeptide’s Chief Geneticist, Neal Kitchen, Ph.D. 

What is epigenetics, exactly?

Epigenetics is the study of changes in gene expressions without changing the underlying DNA sequence. It helps explain how our genes can change  their expression based on environmental factors.

But What does it have to do with our skin?

It allows us to better understand why changes occur in our skin. Whether it be to your immediate reactions  (such as sunburns) or what changes might happen overtime (such as signs of aging). By studying what is happening at the cellular level, we can better understand how to treat the underlying problem and not just the symptoms that appear at the surface.

What do your geneticists work on?

Our geneticists focus on using the science of epigenetics to create more potent and effective formulas that benefit the long-term health of skin. We also work to leverage the latest research and technologies to develop customized solutions for our clients.

Our goal is to create products that will provide beneficial results to the skin and improve cellular health. We use a three pronged approach. First, to create products that will correct existing damage. Second, to protect the skin from future damage. Third, to improve the way our skin responds.

HydroPeptide Eye Masks | The Wellnest by HUM Nutrition

How much of our skin are we born with and how much is our lifestyle?

Most of the literature suggests that 40-60% of who we are is made up of our genes. The other half comes from our environment.  But another way to look at it is that 100% of who we are is our epigenetics because it defines how our environment interacts with our genes.

You Hear about peptides A lot in skincare these days. What are they, exactly?

Peptides are short chains of amino acids or protein fragments that can act as cellular communicators in our skin. Peptides are a great epigenetic ingredient because they can influence how our genes are expressed.

Finally, We’re crazy about your eye masks! Tell us how they work.

Our PolyPeptide Collagel+ Eye Masks are a no-mess mask that uses HydroGel technology to lock in moisture. They increase efficiency in ingredient delivery to the skin while also providing a cooling sensation. These eye masks have collagen-supporting and growth-factor peptides that help promote collagen production within our skin.

HUM Nutrition HydroPeptide Beauty Sample | The Wellnest by HUM Nutrition

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