Why We’re Not Counting Calories This Thanksgiving

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Release guilt and embrace positivity.

Around this time of year, I start seeing an abundance of articles about “How Not to Derail Your Diet over the Holidays” and “You’ll Never Believe How Many Calories are in [insert favorite Thanksgiving food].” Hell, I’ve even written an article or two like that in the past. And I’m over it.

Here at HUM, we’re committed to helping you become your healthiest, happiest self. But health isn’t just about your body—it’s also about your mind. Obsessing over the calorie count of those mashed potatoes, instead of having a meaningful conversation with your loved ones, is truly a missed opportunity. Plus, it brings added stress. After this tumultuous year, that’s the last thing we need.

And if your family is like mine, you have traditional dishes that they whip up only once a year. (I couldn’t live without my grandma’s cranberry sauce on T-Day). Celebrate the tradition. Don’t think about how long you’ll have to spend on the elliptical later to burn it off. Just enjoy it!

So that’s it. No counting calories or tracking macros. Enjoy your holiday meal with your loved ones and don’t feel guilty about it. Repeat after me: Don’t feel guilty. A lot of the time we’re way too hard on ourselves. It’s time to embrace the positive, and release shame or guilt surrounding food. The social component is important to a healthy meal, so instead of focusing on calories, embrace those around you.

It’s been an extremely stressful month, and what we need now more than ever is love and positivity. It’s hard to experience that when you’re doing a “should I, shouldn’t I” dance with the bread rolls. Eat. Savor. Love. Personally, I’ll be popping Gut Instinct and wearing my “suit joggers”—basically just slightly more formal sweatpants—to stay comfy while I eat what I want and inevitably fall into a food coma. In the whole scheme of things, it’s only one day. There’s always Black Friday to get back on track.

From all of us at HUM, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!

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