Crystals 101 With Energy Muse

Including advice for crystal skeptics. 

We caught up with Heather Askinosie of Energy Muse to talk inner beauty, self-care and crystals. Read on for tips on choosing, charging and channeling crystal energy the right way.

First, what does beauty from within mean to you?

Ownership. True beauty means owning who you are, and showing up as your true, authentic self each day.

What is one important self-care ritual you practice?

I could tell you about my daily meditations, but I think the most important self-care practice I have is laughter. Sometimes you just have to laugh and not make life so serious. Find a way to laugh even when confronted by challenges, and your whole mindset will shift. Laughter makes the biggest difference in our energy and life.

Any tips for balancing personal health with a busy work life?

Balance is unique to each person. What’s balanced for one person may be chaos for someone else. Find a harmony that works for you. The personal formula that I tap into for balance is to hold a crystal in my hands for grounding, get connected through silent meditation, and then take a quick walk in nature. Mainly, keeping it simple is how I find balance.

Are there any natural beauty products you swear by?

Oh, I have a lot of fun, natural goodies for my skin. I like to use products by Goddess of Skin, Pratima and Leahlani. Strongly recommend checking those brands out. Also, to protect my skin out here in sunny California, I use Mineral Sunscreen by Little Hands Hawaii each day.

How do crystals work exactly?

Look for a crystal that excites you. One that you feel called toward or drawn to, even if you’re not sure why. The connection you have with a stone comes from your intuition. It’s your spirit telling you what energy you need right now. That’s how crystals work. By connecting with a stone’s energy, sitting with it in quiet reflection, and focusing on the intentions you want to work on, you’re shifting the mind, body and spirit into a positive state.

Then, programming the stone with your intentions allows you have something tangible that you can use to get back in tune with the energy you want to embody. That way, when life gets crazy and you forget the changes you’re looking to create, you can hold your touchstone, and ground yourself in positive energy again.

What are the basics of crystal care?

The most important thing that people often skip over is to regularly cleanse your crystal. You want to make sure that the work you do with a stone is with pure energy. To ensure a clean energetic slate, you’ve got to cleanse your stone. And it’s so easy to do. If you have a dried sage stick, you can hold your crystal in the healing smoke of sage. Or, if you don’t have sage available, you can also set your stone out in the light of the sun or moon for at least four hours. There are tons of ways to cleanse the energy of your stone. Find the way that works for you. Just make sure to do it regularly! Not cleansing your crystals can result in their energy becoming dull, and less vibrant.

What advice do you have for crystal skeptics?

The truth is, I am also a skeptic by nature. But, I am open. I will try things and if it doesn’t work for me, I will let it go. If it does work for me, I keep it. Crystals have been in my “tool chest” for over 25 years now. They make me happy when I look at them. I place them all around my house to remind me to always be grateful for Mother Nature’s beauty. As soon as I hold a crystal in my hand, I feel grounded. I remember to breathe. Crystals act as a tool to create a tangible shift in my energy. So my advice to skeptics is to just be open to trying something new. If it’s not for you, that’s okay. You may simply walk away feeling a greater love and respect for what the earth has to offer. And that’s no small thing to connect with nowadays.

Last, if you could only pick one crystal to keep, which would it be and why?

Oh, well, that’s just not fair. Only one crystal?! If I had to choose, I would probably say selenite. It helps to cleanse the energy of the body, as well as your environment. Selenite leaves the body feeling lighter, like it broke through all the heavy blocks in your energy field that were weighing you down. It’s such a happy stone that uplifts my energy, and grounds my spirit no matter what I’m going through. That versatility makes it my number one go-to stone.

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