On The Glow With Beauty Guru Nam Vo

No one knows glow like Nam Vo.

For anyone who has ever felt naked upon leaving the house without highlighter, get ready to take notes.  Well-beloved professional make-up artist Nam Vo is considered the glow guru of Instagram. There’s an unmistakeable angelic sheen to her #dewydumpling work that we can’t get enough of. Today we’re sharing her tips, tricks and favorite products for irresistibly glowy skin.

What’s one beauty treatment you love?

I love it all, I have every tool, gizmo/gadget you can think of. But I believe nothing beats the good old  human touch and a good facial massage is my favorite thing to do.

Do you follow a specific diet?

Ha! I do not follow any diets although I probably should 🙂 I am definitely a person who retains salt and when I eat too much of it I see it instantly on my face, salty foods make me look like a plump dumpling and I personally prefer to look like a chiseled dumpling!

What HUM products do you take and why?

Well I’m obsessed with my skin so right now I’m loving Glow Sweet Glow and Collagen Pop. The gummies have a yummy creamsicle flavor that I can’t get enough of and the collagen is easy to use on the go. I love that together they help keep my skin hydrated and plump.

Name three things in your refrigerator you can’t live without.

Literally all I have in my fridge is hot sauce, water and jade rollers. ?

What about three essential makeup items?

Tatcha Dewy Mist, Better Than Sex Mascara and Shiseido Future Solution Foundation.

What’s your go-to 5-minute makeup routine?

I am super easy with my routine. Concealer, blush, and of course, highlighter.

Do you have any favorite drugstore finds for those on a budget?

Yes! Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Glow Highlighter.

Last but not least, what does beauty from within mean to you?

Beauty means feeling comfortable in your own skin, having your light shine through – and well being glowy won’t hurt either 🙂

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