The Best Yoga Poses for Period Cramp Relief

by Allie Flinn · Updated October 30, 2019

Because cramps are the *worst.*

I’m only being slightly hyperbolic when I say that period cramps are the worst. The sharp, throbbing pain in your lower abdomen and back that can accompany your period are caused by your uterus contracting to shed its lining. (Fun stuff.) These contractions can actually constrict blood flow to your uterus, resulting in cramps that are even worse. Plus, cramps can start earlier than your period. Hello, PMS!

That’s where these yoga poses for period cramp relief come in. They help stretch and release tension in the areas where cramps hit the hardest, boost your circulation, and get you moving. These poses are extra beneficial if you suffer from can’t-leave-the-couch, horrible cramps.

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