Insanely Tasty Keto Lemon Bars

by Zena Wozniak


Be warned! Even your non-keto friends will want the recipe…

A few of us recently underwent a 30-day keto challenge, and these keto lemon bars were by far the highlight of the whole experience. Not only is this recipe low-carb—only three net carbs per serving!—but you only need six ingredients to make them. Could it get any easier?

Keto Lemon Bars: Nutrition

For any keto macro counters out there, here’s what you’ll want to know: Each serving has 276 calories, three net carbs, seven grams of protein and 23 grams of fat.

How do we get these miracle numbers? Erythritol, the sweetener used in this recipe, is a sugar alcohol. (Halo Top includes this same sugar alcohol.) Our bodies don’t have the enzymes needed to digest it. Consequently, it basically passes through the body without so much as spiking blood sugar. In our review of Halo Top, registered dietitian Alex Caspero warns that for some, erythritol can cause bloating or other symptoms of GI distress. However, it’s otherwise fine to include in your diet.

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