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Skin Squad Pre+Probiotic™

nurtures the gut + clears skin*

A potent probiotic containing 9 strains for non-cystic acne plus prebiotic konjac root for balanced gut health

60 vegan capsules · 30 days
$30.00 with a 3M subscription at checkout

What it does

  • Supports a clear, even complexion
  • Balances the gut microbiome + promotes the growth of good bacteria
  • Supports healthy digestion

How it works

  • 9 strains of probiotic help balance the gut microbiome, supporting decreased breakouts + even skin tone
  • Prebiotic konjac root feeds good bacteria in the gut

How to take

  • Take 2 capsules, at any time, with or without food

reported a decrease in breakouts**

We formulate with clinically proven nutrients and source with great care. Every ingredient is meticulously tested to ensure that all of our supplements are pure, potent and effective.
  • Non-GMO
  • Triple tested for purity
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial sweeteners or colors
  • Verified by independent labs for potency

What's Inside

  1. Lactobacillus acidophilus La-14
    Helps support healthy skin.*
  2. Lactobacillus paracasei Lpc-37
    A Gram-positive bacterium that produces lactic acid to help keep the gut microbiome and skin in balance. Supports skin homeostasis.*


4.4 of 5 stars
173 Reviews
  • Tom

    5 of 5 stars
    Used Skin Squad for about a year and it worked great- my digestion was definitely more regular and frequent. I didn't notice a huge difference in my skin, but I never had any skin issues to begin with.
    Nov 5, 2021
  • Feddy

    5 of 5 stars
    Did an amazing job for my skin, especially with my hormonal acne that I was struggling with, I’ll will continue with this!
    Oct 28, 2021
  • Monica

    5 of 5 stars
    I took before and after pictures because I was desperately wanting to SEE results. I wish I can post, there is a STARK difference. I had cystic acne along my jaw line and chin every month. I would drink water, take vitamins, wash my pillows every other day, eat healthy. wash my face every night and still had acne. A little over a month of taking HUM prebiotic I saw a huge difference. I still have 1 or 2 pimples here and there, however my skin looks amazing. I also take the vitamin C chewy. I highly recommend for cystic acne.
    Oct 27, 2021
  • Heather

    5 of 5 stars
    I have had terrible hormonal acne along my jaw for years now. I have tried prescription medications and creams and nothing helped. Skin squad has COMPLETELY clear up my acne. It took about 3-4 months for it to completely go away. It’s worth every penny!
    Oct 21, 2021
  • Rosdany

    5 of 5 stars
    I drink these along with the Daily cleanse pills and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! Amazing results. I have been drinking both of these together since December of 2020 and my cystic acne/ acne prone skin has had less breakouts looks more clear and healthier. It has also helped my digestion a ton. I 100% recommend.
    Aug 29, 2021
  • Annie

    5 of 5 stars
    My skin was so painful and the cystic hormonal acne I was experiencing was leaving dark scars even though I never picked and treated my skin gently. I tried all kinds of skincare. Finally I went to esthetician and she recommended this product for me. I was skeptical since I already took probiotics but I decided to try. I saw a difference almost immediately my skin started to calm down. I have been using for two months now and it has made a huge difference in the severity of my cystic breaks outs and bloating when I am PMSing. I always want to keep this in my regimen.
    Aug 29, 2021
  • Annie Fisher

    5 of 5 stars
    I love this product. It is a Holy Grail. A pre+probiotic in one that doesn’t cost $70. I was very skeptical when my esthetician recommended these for me to help my painful cystic acne. But to my surprise I saw a difference! Almost immediately my spots Began to get smaller. It has really helped my hormonal break outs not be so terrible and painful. I always want to keep these as part of my beauty routine.
    Aug 29, 2021
  • Katie

    5 of 5 stars
    I used to get the WORST breakouts whenever I ate dairy, now they are far less severe. It won’t be the cure all, but it will help with those intense flare ups.
    Aug 27, 2021
  • Hannah

    1 of 5 stars
    Used this product for 2 months to deal with some infrequent hormonal acne, caused constant and plentiful breakouts for the entire time I was using it. Stopped using it and I stopped breaking out within two days.
    Aug 4, 2021
  • Kelly

    5 of 5 stars
    Midway through my second bottle/month and so far very pleased! I’ve suffered with tummy troubles for years and can see an improvement! Excited to try other products.
    Aug 2, 2021