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Beauty zzZz™

promotes a naturally restful sleep*

This formula with melatonin + vitamin B6 helps adjust your internal body clock so you can fall asleep easier and sleep more soundly for better daytime alertness

30 vegan capsules · 30 days
$7.50 with a 3M subscription at checkout

What it does

  • Helps reduce the time it takes to fall asleep
  • Supports a deeper, more restful sleep
  • Helps adjust your internal body clock

How it works

  • Melatonin promotes a more restful sleep
  • Vitamin B6 helps normalize circadian rhythm
  • Calcium improves sleep quality

How to take

  • Take 1 tablet, 20 minutes before bedtime, on an empty stomach

fell asleep in an hour or less**

We formulate with clinically proven nutrients and source with great care. Every ingredient is meticulously tested to ensure that all of our supplements are pure, potent and effective.
  • Non-GMO
  • Triple tested for purity
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial sweeteners or colors
  • Verified by independent labs for potency

What's Inside

  1. Melatonin
    Dosed at 3mg to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.*
  2. Vitamin B6
    A precursor to serotonin, vitamin B6 helps normalize the circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle).*


4.4 of 5 stars
116 Reviews
  • Linda

    5 of 5 stars
    Beauty zzZz was originally in my first order a few years ago. For some reason, that I can no longer remember why, I stopped using it. Over time I began to experience trouble with getting to sleep and staying asleep. I've recently started using it again and realized I made a huge mistake dropping it from my routine. It really works and I, once again, am experiencing a night of very restful sleep.
    Nov 10, 2021
  • Randi

    5 of 5 stars
    I have such trouble falling asleep and am usually taking 10-15 mg of melatonin (which barely works for me now) so I didn't have incredibly high Hope's for this. But it actually worked super well! It calmed me and made me sleepy without feeling gross and drowsy the next day.
    Jul 27, 2021
  • Laura

    5 of 5 stars
    The best sleep I’ve had in a long time! Felt so relaxed and at ease before bed, I woke up feeling refreshed and energized.
    Jul 22, 2021
  • Laura

    5 of 5 stars
    I hit my 30s and started having bad sleeping patterns. Lots of restless nights, tossing and turning, not able to stay asleep. I’ve tried melatonin which knocks me out but I never feel rested in the morning. Beauty zzZz works so well for me. I drift off easily and peacefully, stay asleep and wake up feeling well rested! Definitely worth a try!
    Jul 14, 2021
  • Jordyn

    5 of 5 stars
    Amazing! I got this product as a freebie once and loved how much of a good night’s sleep I got! So i decided to get the bottle and it was definitely worth the purchase!
    Jul 11, 2021
  • Callina

    5 of 5 stars
    I have never slept as deeply or as soundly, without the groggy after affects as I have with Beauty zzZz. I have started taking melatonin more regularly this past year and usually wake up during the night (completely disoriented), or wake up the next morning with sleep hangover. "Beauty" keeps me asleep and I wake up feeling amazing afterward. Love it!
    Jun 9, 2021
  • Dana

    4 of 5 stars
    This product has been great to help me fall asleep. This is the only melatonin product that doesn't give me weird dreams and doesn't make me feel groggy in the morning. However it's incredibly difficult to swallow. It would be nice if there was some sort of coating on it to make it easier to swallow, so I don't have to choke on it everytime I take it.
    Jun 7, 2021
  • Brenda

    5 of 5 stars
    I can never fall asleep easily, sometimes I can't sleep at all, and staying up late to study or finish assignments doesn't help me at all. After taking this for the first time, I was knocked out pretty fast! Over time the effects weren't as dramatic as the first day, but what surprised me was the fact I got drowsy, which never happens to me when I take medicine that is supposed to do similar effects. Overall, I am sleeping better. I don't take as long to fall asleep and I wake up generally at the same hour without my alarm.
    Jun 2, 2021
  • Alyssa

    5 of 5 stars
    Great sleep aid with extra beauty benefits! This gets me zzzz soon after I take this. It works!
    May 28, 2021
  • Elyse

    5 of 5 stars
    This is the only melatonin supplement I will take. I have tried others in the past and they always give me a hangover feeling or leave me too tired in the morning- this does not. Been using it for years and I love it.
    May 12, 2021