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Goodness packed into pretty little bottles! HUM has turned taking vitamins into something that feels like a treat.
Bela Sorin
Loved the personalized suggestions and having it shipped to my house made life so easy. The cost when you buy 3 is also less than buying high quality vitamins at the store.
Adam Burgess
Been using HUM for 2 months now and I love it! My body never felt better, my skin is clearer and my overall health is feeling great
Tiffany Pulvino
I've been taking HUM products for a month now and can already tell a different in my gut health. Less bloating and clearer/glowing skin. In love and can't wait for my next order!
Rachel Kim
I have seen so many changes since taking HUM. I feel better, my skin looks better, my hair is growing, my nails are getting stronger and I feel so much energy. Wow!
Selena Ramos
I love how easy and convenient it is to order my vitamins. I love that I can change my box or the date of my shipment anytime!
Sarah Almeida
One month of taking HUM and my skin has never looked better! I have even received unsolicited compliments on my complexion. I am thrilled with how these supplements work!
Laurain Salga
I'm so pleased with the results I've had so far and I feel amazing! I have been telling everyone I care for to try it for themselves because they deserve to experience it as well.
Erik Najera
I absolutely love my HUM Vitamins. I have been using them for about a month now and I am starting to notice changes in my energy, hair, nails and just overall appearance.
Chay Muller
I absolutely LOVE these products!! My skin, hair and nails are growing so strong and my digestive system has never been so efficient!
Emilee Wagner
I love the all natural ingredients and transparency. Also getting 15% off every time you order three makes it rather affordable!
Felicia Larman
Never knew that putting natural ingredients in my body could feel SO empowering. Every time I take them, I feel like I take another step toward my health and overall wellness.
Alina Brassard

Meet Our Nutritionists

Our nutritionists are here to
help you meet your nutrition goals
  • Jennifer Martin-Biggers
    PhD, MS, RDN

    Dr. Jennifer leads our team of RDs, helping to translate nutrition and wellness science into easy to understand information and science-backed products.

  • Alexandra Caspero
    MA, RD

    Alex loves creating new plant-based recipes and often shares her approachable dishes on the morning news.

  • Jessica Bippen
    MS, RD

    Jess cleared her skin and helped her irregular digestion once she started focusing on nutrients and a holistic diet.

  • Gaby Vaca-Flores

    Gaby’s background in both beauty and nutrition allowed her to experience firsthand how herbs and natural ingredients play a role in how we look and feel.

  • Chelsey Amer
    MS, RDN

    Chelsey helps her clients understand how to eat in order to feel good, boost energy, and be comfortable in their clothes without restriction or obsessing.