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Boost Sweet Boost™

vegan elderberry gummy for immune support*

Formulated with immunity-boosting ingredients like high potency vitamin C, zinc and elderberry, these vegan berry gummies help strengthen your natural defenses

60 vegan berry gummies · 30 days
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What it does

  • Boosts immunity
  • Supports innate and adaptive immune functions
  • Promotes health and overall well-being

How it works

  • High potency vitamin C plays a vital role in innate and adaptive immune function
  • Zinc is an essential mineral that supports immunity
  • Concentrated elderberry extract (75:1) is traditionally used to support immunity

How to take

  • Take 2 gummies, at any time, with or without food
Out of stock

75x elderberry concentrate**

We formulate with clinically proven nutrients and source with great care. Every ingredient is meticulously tested to ensure that all of our supplements are pure, potent and effective.

  • Verified Clean Ingredients
  • Clinically Tested Actives
  • Triple Tested & 3rd Party Validated for Purity & Quality
  • Formulated by RD Nutritionists
  • Free of The Tricky 12
  • No Artificial Colors, Sweeteners, Flavors & Preservatives

What's Inside

  1. Vitamin C

    An important antioxidant that can help clear out harmful free radicals and support the immune system.*

  2. Zinc

    Zinc is required for the activity of more than 300 enzymes and biological activities in the body, including those of the immune system.*



  • How does Boost Sweet Boost™ help with immunity?

    Our body’s defense systems rely on specific nutrients to keep it strong and healthy. Boost Sweet Boost™ is formulated with a powerful trio of immune-supporting ingredients including high-potency vitamin C (supports various cellular functions of both innate and adaptive immunity), zinc (boosts immunity and plays an important role in health maintenance) and concentrated elderberry (traditionally used to support the immune system).

  • What is elderberry?

    Elderberry is a medicinal plant traditionally used to support the immune system and your overall well-being. It’s packed with polyphenols (aka antioxidant-rich micronutrients) which are praised for their ability to naturally boost cells that are integral for healthy immune system function!

  • Can Boost Sweet Boost™ cure a cold?

    Boost Sweet Boost™ isn’t intended to prevent, treat or cure illness. If you’re ill, please check with your doctor before starting a new supplement.

  • Does Boost Sweet Boost™ contain artificial sweeteners or colors?

    Nope! Boost Sweet Boost™ does not contain artificial sweeteners or colors.

  • What’s the difference between Air Patrol™ and Boost Sweet Boost™?

    Air Patrol™ and Boost Sweet Boost™ both support the immune system but in different ways. While it’s safe to take them together, we suggest picking the one that you feel will work best for you.

    Air Patrol™ supports the immune system by helping manage oxidative stress and free radicals with vitamin C and a citrus bioflavonoid complex. Boost Sweet Boost™ supports a healthy immune system with a powerful blend of vitamin C, zinc and concentrated elderberry.

  • Can I take Boost Sweet Boost™ with other HUM products that contain vitamin C?

    You can! Vitamin C’s tolerable upper limit intake level for adults is 2,000 mg per day. Boost Sweet Boost™ has 120 mg per serving.

  • Does Boost Sweet Boost™ contain gelatin?

    No, Boost Sweet Boost™ does not contain gelatin. All of our gummies use plant-based, vegan pectin.

  • Is Boost Sweet Boost™ made in an FDA-approved facility?

    All of our products are made in facilities that are certified to follow GMPs (Good Manufacturing Processes), required by the FDA. This means our manufacturers have specific quality standards to ensure every product has the right identity, purity, strength and composition.
  • Is Boost Sweet Boost™ vegan?

    Yes, Boost Sweet Boost™ is vegan.
  • Is Boost Sweet Boost™ gluten-free?

    Yes! All HUM products are gluten-free and tested to ensure gluten isn’t present at levels greater than 20ppm, which is the regulatory criteria for “gluten-free” set by the FDA.
  • Is Boost Sweet Boost™ non-GMO?

    Yes! All HUM products are non-GMO.

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