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Empowering tomorrow's nutritionists

We’re honored to team up with Diversity Dietetics in pursuit of greater racial and ethnic diversity in nutrition. To support this mission, we’ve offered a $24,000 internship grant to three aspiring BIPOC dietitians.

Our commitment to diversity + inclusion

At HUM, we believe there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nutrition, and everyone’s unique dietary needs deserve representation. Currently only 11.7% of dieticians identify as an ethnic and racial minority, and this lack of diversity means the nutrition needs of BIPOC may not be adequately met. Additionally, disproportionate barriers to entry make this a career field viable for only a limited population. That’s why we’re passionate about increasing racial and ethnic diversity in nutrition, for a field that accurately reflects our communities.

Meet the recipients

Thank you to those who applied! We’re pleased to announce the June 2022 grant recipients.

Read Their Stories

Dennie Byam

Lehman College

Rachel Ashley Parungao

University of New England

Karina Castillo

UC Davis

About Diversify Dietetics

Diversify Dietetics was founded by registered dietitian nutritionists Deanna Belleny + Tamara Melton to help heal the disparity they saw in racial and ethnic representation in the field of nutrition and dietetics. In empowering nutrition leaders of color, they look forward to a nutrition profession that reflects the diverse communities they serve.